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Should People Consider Papa John’s Pizza?

Updated on July 4, 2011
this is just one of many delicious pizzas papa john's can offer for your tongue to taste
this is just one of many delicious pizzas papa john's can offer for your tongue to taste

Well, in order to answer that question, there will be lots of things to talk about. However, when it comes to pizza, there are always endless options that people can go for. So, they do not necessarily have to go to the Papa John’s Pizza. For example, they can go to the competitors. Nonetheless, before people turn away to Papa John’s Pizza’s competitors, they should ask whether or not Papa John’s Pizza’s competitors deserve their attention more compared with the Papa John’s Pizza? After all, Papa John’s Pizza sounds quite promising with its slogan that sounds “Better ingredients. Better Pizza.”

To know whether or not Papa John’s Pizza deserves customers’ attention, customers should first get to know this particular pizza restaurant better first. Papa John’s Pizza was founded by John Schnatter. John was a student at a high school. At that time, he worked for a local pizza pub while he was living in Jeffersonville, Indiana. Although the pub he worked for baked traditional pizzas with unquestionable world class quality,Johnfelt that something was not right. He felt that there was a void because the pub was not capable of delivering the pizzas right to the front door of its customers’ houses. This was the reason John eventually opened up his own pizza restaurant that is now known as the Papa John’s Pizza.

John started his business quite successfully. This was possible thanks to the fact that he made even better pizzas than the pub he previously worked for. John was committed to using fresh dough along with world class quality ingredients to bake his pizzas. This was what kept people coming to his pizza restaurant day after day. Founded for the very first time back in 1984, Papa John’s Pizza has now had over 3,500 outlets spreading all over 50 states in the US and in other 29 countries.

John also had quite an interesting story about his life journey towards opening his very first Papa John’s Pizza restaurant. When he started his business out in 1984, he had to sacrifice his ’72 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 that he received as a prize. So, after he had become successful with his business, he decided to take a replica version of the Camaro that he had sacrificed before to a travel all across the nations. He also told people how he lived and breathed the dream of most Americans. One thing that he never forgot is to tell people that he was in search for the Camaro he once sacrificed and had never seen again.

However, his attempt to find his Camaro back was not in vain. He actually managed to find it at last. Yet, to get the Camaro back from the person that owned it that time, John had had to spend $250,000.

Today, thanks to John’s hard work, people are able to enjoy numerous delicious pizzas at Papa John’s Pizza. For their convenience, the customers can order the pizzas online as well. However, it is quite unfortunate that some people feel rather dissatisfied after having consumed the pizzas at Papa John’s Pizza. Nonetheless, this does not necessarily mean the pizzas are not delicious. It’s just different people have different taste.


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