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Should Spoiled Children Who Misbehave In Restaurants Be Banned

Updated on February 13, 2016

Spoiled Children in Restaurants

Several years ago, myself and a friend of mine, were eating at McDonalds. We were wolfing down our big macs, scarfing down fries and our large cokes we savagely devoured.

Sitting across from us, there was a dark haired dark skinned little girl I'll say about seven or so eating a hamburger and her mother also a dark skinned woman who wore so much makeup, I swear that the oldest profession in the world was how she made her living.

All of a sudden, the little girl shouted, "I want that Barbie doll, that we just saw at the store!" "Not now darling." The mother said. Then, the girl threw a fit! She fell to the floor and screamed over and over again, "I want that Barbie doll, I want that Barbie doll!" "Yes darling but not now." Her mother said soothingly. "I want it I want it I want it!" The girl screamed as she pounded her tiny fists on the floor.

My friend and I started laughing. We thought it to be so funny, seeing a spoiled bratty kid act out in public.

Years later, I was at Arby's eating a roast beef sandwich, fries and a coke to boot. The front door opened. A soccer type mom walked in along with her two or three-year-old son. The kid started screaming and running around the restaurant like an antelope and my nerves were getting more and more frayed by the minute. And when the kid started screaming, "I want hamburger, I want hamburger, I want hamburger! eeeeeee! "That's when I had it with that monstrous little beast. I went to the front counter, where a high school girl was at the cash register. Annoyed, I said, not hiding the annoyance in my tone, " I want to speak to the manager right now. That kid is driving me nuts!" I said. "Can't you ask them to leave?" I went on. I made a gesture at a boy and his mom. The girl looked at me blankly and said, "The manager is not here. And we are not responsible by kids who misbehave." I wanted to scream. Furious by then, I just up and left.

A restaurant manager comments on this subject. "I personally would ask a family to leave if their kids got out of hand. It's disturbing for the other customers to hear all that racket."

Another Restaurant manager simply said, "I absolutely cannot stand bratty little kids. They are totally annoying. I'd kick them and their parents out in a heart beat."

But another manager said this. "Bratty kids who act out? Sure they can stay. I need all the business my diner can get."

Let's face it guys, who likes eating in a restaurant and putting up with a kid screaming? Do you?


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