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Shrimp Kabobs Delicous and Healthy

Updated on August 29, 2008

Easy, healthy, delicious,Meals

This is an easy recipe that doesn't require a chef and will wow your guests or your family every-time. As a long time bachelor the writer has some favorites that always seem to please. Add a good bottle of wine and even after a hard day at work, this meal is easy to pull off. The concept of shrimp size varies. Large shrimp, which are truly large, in this recipe should be enough for two people. Do not marinade the shrimp for more than about twenty minutes. The acid in the marinade causes the shrimp to lose their shrimp quality after about 20-30 minutes.

You will need the following easy ingredients:

1/4 tsp black pepper, a little dry mustard, about a pinch.

2 garlic cloves crushed and peeled

1/4 cup lemon or lime juice.

16 large uncooked and deveined shrimp.

2 tsp olive oil

2 tbsp. fresh cilantro cleaned and chopped

1 cup white wine, drink half.

1 tps hot sauce (or1/2 tsp chili powder)

10 White button mushroom, stems removed, wiped clean and ten cherry tomatoes rinsed and dried. Two red or green peppers sliced.

Pour all the ingredients into a bowl, except for the vegetables' -mix until well blended and set in the refrigerator for 20 minutes. Now, pour the mixture over the shrimp.

Heat the grill to medium and alternate and skewer the vegetables and the shrimp for three to four minutes on a side. Serves two.

Calories 200, from fat 60. Carbs l7g. Sat/ fat 1 g,


Melted dark chocolate, pour over strawberries chilled. .

--non fat yougert, non fat whipped cream(also no sugar) bananas and peaches. Mix a couple cartons of plain or vanila yougert, about medium size, not the little 6-8 oz size. Cut up three fresh peeled peaches and two bananas and mix them into. the mixture. Spoon into bowls- delicious.

I would appreciate your feedback. Thank you.



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    • solarcaptain profile imageAUTHOR

      mike king 

      10 years ago from california

      I doubt you will find this recipe anywhere else. I got it from a retired judge from Oklahoma. His name is Jess Nathan. He deserves a comment. Jess dedicated his life to helping others rather than exploit clients for money. He was a dedicated nazi hunter and had close contact with Simon weisnthal, famous for capturing devious nazis who had successfully evaded authorities for decades. Monsters, like Adolf Eichmann, and others. I shall write a blog about this lovliest of all men who became more than a guardian angel for myself and many others during my several months as a patient at a Veterans Administration Hospital. God Bless-he would say. God Bless, Jess. We will meet again.


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