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Shucking Oysters Tips Plus Great Oyster Recipes That I Know You'll Love

Updated on June 11, 2014
Shucking Oysters Doesn't Have To Be A Hard Job
Shucking Oysters Doesn't Have To Be A Hard Job | Source
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Shucking Oyster Tips

I remember my first attempts at getting an oyster out of its shell. I guarantee you it wasn't fun but before long I learned exactly how to get the oyster out of its shell. The one thing that is essential for getting the oyster out of his shell is an oyster knife. You can probably find one at your local supermarket or seafood shop or you can order one above.

You don't have to use a lot of brawn to open a oyster and get him out of his shell you just have to know what you're doing. And here is a quick step by step tutorial to get you going.

Just be sure to use a oyster knife for opening oysters and never a regular knife. You can get cut easily with a regular knife so don't try tio use anything but a oyster knife.

All Along The Gulf Coast You Find Fresh Oysters For Sale
All Along The Gulf Coast You Find Fresh Oysters For Sale | Source
You Need To Find A Place At The Location Where The Oyster Shells Hinge Is To Insert The Tip Of Your Oyster Knife.
You Need To Find A Place At The Location Where The Oyster Shells Hinge Is To Insert The Tip Of Your Oyster Knife. | Source
You can use the tip of the oyster knife or a spoon to loosen the oyster from the shell. You'll find the oyster is attached to the shell by a bottom muscle.
You can use the tip of the oyster knife or a spoon to loosen the oyster from the shell. You'll find the oyster is attached to the shell by a bottom muscle. | Source

Shucking Oyster Tips And Tutorial

1. You need to protect your hand by using a folded kitchen towel to hold the oyster with while your opening the oysters shell with the oyster knife.See in the photos above exactly how to hold the oyster while you open its shell.

2. You just about have to have an oyster knife to open your oysters with. The knives are made just for the purpose of opening oysters.

3. You want to hold the oyster so the hinge of the shell is visible to you so you can insert the tip of the oyster knife in any small opening you may find at the hinge side of the oyster shell.

4. Once you get the tip of the oyster knife in keep pushing it in and keep holding the oyster firmly so you don't spill the oyster liquor.

5. By now you should have the oyster shell open and you can reach down and remove the top part of the shell and set aside.

6. Use either the oyster knife or a spoon to get the oyster loose from the bottom shell. It is attached to the bottom shell by a muscle. Once you get the oyster loose you can set the bottom shell with the oyster in it down in ice if your going to serve the oysters on the half shell raw or you can remove the oyster and the oyster liquor to a container if your going to be making something else with the oysters.

7. And now guess what? You know exactly how to get a oyster out of its shell and yes it really is that easy. Just use care to protect your hand by holding the oyster while you shuck it with a folded kitchen towel. Once you shuck a few oysters you'll get the hang of it real easy and you'll wonder why anyone would have trouble shucking oysters.

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Here in this photo is a plate of raw oysters with some of them open and ready for eating.
Here in this photo is a plate of raw oysters with some of them open and ready for eating.

Steamed Oysters

If you have one of the Chinese Bamboo Steamers used over a wok you can quickly and easily steam your oysters. First of all you need to wash your oysters very well under cold running water with a kitchen brush to get rid of any sand or dirt. At this point you should discard any oysters that are open.

Now put water in the pan over which your going to set your steamer. Put one layer of well cleaned oysters in the steamer rack. Turn the water in the pan on high and set the steamer with the oysters in it over the pan or pot of boiling water. If the steamer has a lid put it on the steamer at this time. Be sure that the lid fits tightly and that you put the right amount of water in the steamer.

After the water starts boiling and putting off steam cook the oysters for 8 - 12 minutes in the steamer until all the oysters open up their shells. You can now turn the water off and use a clean oyster knife to loosen each oyster in its shell before you serve them. Discard any oyster that did not open while it was steaming. Serve the steamed oysters and now your ready to steam more oysters.

Serve your steamed oysters with plenty of cold beer, melted garlic butter, cocktail sauce, and captains wafers. Your steamed oysters will be delicious with these sides. Be sure that you also offer hot sauce.

Simple But Delicious Oyster Stew

You can make a simple but delicious oyster stew out of a quart of half and half, a pint of oysters, and a teaspoon of ground sea salt and a teaspoon of black pepper. Melt your stick of butter over low heat in a small stock pot. As the butter melts stir in the pint of oysters and all the liquid they are in.

When the butter and oysters are heated through pour in the half and half and the salt and pepper. Let the stew come up to almost a boil but not quite and then turn the heat down. Serve your oyster stew in small bowls with plenty of saltine crackers, ketchup, and hot sauce. This is a simple but delicious oyster stew that everyone will love. You can garnish the top of each bowl of oyster stew with a little crumbled bacon.

Bacon Wrapped Fried Oysters

This is an excellent recipe for the wok. Wrap each individual oyster with a piece of bacon and secure it with a toothpick. Fry your bacon wrapped oysters in a skillet or wok and you'll end up with a delicious tasty treat that I guarantee everyone will love. Serve with ranch dressing for dipping.


Oysters are considered a delicacy worldwide. Consumption is over 95 million pounds annually with over 50 percent of all oysters being produced on oyster farms. Oysters have a distinct flavor and texture that will really depend on what part of the world they come from.

Are Oysters Safe To Eat In Months With Out An R In Them?

This may have been true decades before refrigeration came along but is no longer the case. There is no reason you can't eat and enjoy oysters every month of the year. However, oysters do tend to be less flavorful and less meaty during the summer months.

Do Keep Your Oysters Cool

Store your live oysters in the refrigerator in a single layer with the larger part of the shell down. Cover them with a damp towel but not water. If you cover them with water you will drown them. They should be used with in 3 days.

Shucked oysters will stay fresh frozen for up to three months if they are frozen in their own liquid and about three days in the refrigerator.

If your poaching or cooking oysters only cook them until the edges start to curl. Over cooked oysters get tough. So be sure not to overcook your oysters. Add salt to oysters in the last few minutes of cooking time and use ground sea salt as this will improve the flavor of your oysters.

A Quick Way To Get Them Out Of The Shell

Oysters are easy to remove from their shell if you just soak them in club soda for 5 - 10 minutes or until they open their shells to see what kind of weird solution you put them in.

Check Out These Royal Oysters On Horseback

Be sure to check out this delightfully delicious recipe for Royal Angels On Horseback. It is so very delicious.
Be sure to check out this delightfully delicious recipe for Royal Angels On Horseback. It is so very delicious. | Source

Recipe For Royal Oysters On Horseback

If you really want to do this up nice and make a stunning presentation like in the photo above you will need some well scrubbed nice clean oyster shells, course ground sea salt, oysters, wooden toothpicks, lean bacon, oysters, lime juice, chili powder, ground sea salt, and black pepper.

Set up your oyster shells on a bed of course ground sea salt on a decorative dish.

Now your going to want to soak your fresh oysters in lime juice for 15 - 20 minutes. After that take them out of the lime juice and sprinkle them with ground sea salt, ground black pepper and ground chili powder.

Wrap each oyster with a piece of bacon and secure with a wooden toothpick. Cook on a vegetable oil sprayed baking pan in a 350 degree oven until the bacon is done and by that time the oysters will be done also.

Serve like in the photo above. You should serve lime wedges, lemon wedges and cocktail sauce on the side for dipping. Now folks that is some more eating. Once you ever taste these delicious Royal Oysters On Horseback you'll make them again and again. It really does make a beautiful presentation. You could do these as a appetizer before dinner.

Here's a different way of making delicious Angels On Horseback.
Here's a different way of making delicious Angels On Horseback. | Source

Delicious Angels On Horseback

I had made Angels on Horseback by baking them and deep frying them but I had never tried grilling them. I was doing the food for a friends wedding and the bride and groom asked for me to make the grilled Angels on Horseback that they had eaten at my house a few weeks before.

I was going to be feeding them to around seven hundred people so I had some work ahead of me so I got busy planning out exactly how I was going to prepare the Angels on Horseback and how I was going to cook them.

As you can see in the above photo of the Angels on Horseback we cooked a lot of this wonderful oyster dish but you can do the same thing for a few people which is what I'm going to tell you how to do here.

You want to buy a pint or a quart of oysters already removed from the shell if you can. Your also going to need good quality bacon , bamboo skewers, and liquid Italian Dressing. You can buy the cheaper brand of liquid Italian dressing as it will work just fine for your marinade.

The easiest way to get the Angels on Horseback ready is to thread each oyster on the bamboo skewer and then wrap each oyster with a piece of bacon and secure the bacon to the oyster with a wooden toothpick. Once you get all your skewers of oysters and bacon made put them into a plastic pan large enough to hold them. Pour the Italian dressing in over the skewers of oysters and bacon being sure to coat them well with the Italian dressing. Put a lid on the plastic pan or cover it with plastic wrap and set it in the refrigerator for at least two hours.

You'll want to cook your Angels on Horseback over indirect heat. This means having your charcoal fire on one side and cooking your skewers of Angels on Horseback on the other side of the grill. While the skewers of oysters and bacon are cooking sprinkle them with ground sea salt and ground black pepper.

Cook the Angels on Horseback until the bacon is done. When the bacon is cooked crisp your oysters will be done.

I always tell people that there are wooden toothpicks holding the bacon and oysters together so they don't bite into the toothpicks. And I always make the below mustard sauce and serve it with the grilled Angels on Horseback.

Mustard Sauce Recipe

1. Two Tablespoons Butter.

2. Two Tablespoons All Purpose Flour.

3. One And One Fourth Cups Heavy Cream.

4. One Tablespoon White Vinegar.

5. One Tablespoon Dry Mustard.

6. One Tablespoon Dijon Mustard.

7. One Tablespoon Fresh Fine Minced Basil.

In a large thick saucepan melt your butter and then whisk in your flour. Once you have all the flour whisked into the butter and you have no lumps add in the remainder of your ingredients except the basil and whisk it as it heats up. Let the sauce come up to a boil and let the sauce thicken. Reduce the heat to a low simmer. Now whisk in your basil and you'll have a delicious mustard sauce that will be oh so delicious on your grilled Angels on Horseback.

Thanks For Reading My Hub Page

Thanks for reading my Hub Page on Shucking Oyster Tips And Making Angels On Horseback. I appreciate you reading my Hub Page. I hope you get to try the recipe for Angels on Horseback real soon and I hope you enjoy them. I also hope your able to shuck your own oysters now. I really enjoy raw chilled oysters with hot sauce and crackers.

Thomas Byers Has Been An Award Winning Chef For Over Forty Years Now.
Thomas Byers Has Been An Award Winning Chef For Over Forty Years Now.

Feel Free To Post Your Comment About Shucking Oysters And Angels On Horseback. Thanks For Reading.

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      Your very welcome. Thanks for the comment. It is appreciated.

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      Deb Hirt 

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      Thanks, Mr. Byers, you taught me a valuable lesson!


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