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Simple Cake Ideas Using a Box Mix

Updated on August 21, 2012
Making a mix into shaped and sprinkling with powdered sugar makes them look pretty.
Making a mix into shaped and sprinkling with powdered sugar makes them look pretty.
Bake. Frost. Cut. Simple!
Bake. Frost. Cut. Simple!

Start with a cake mix....

I am all about easy. While I love to make food from scratch, sometimes I run out of time and energy. When I can, I get some cake mixes on sale and keep them in the pantry for those times that I need to make something quick.

These are not brainy ideas. Hopefully, they will be good ideas that you can use when time is running short!

Small Cupcakes

Take a box cake mix, put it together, and bake it in small muffin tins. If you have small bundt cake tins, use those - they are pretty. The little cakes will be small enough to pop into a mouth in one bite, and easy to pick up with one hand.

Frosting these buggers is a chore for me, so, if I start with a chocolate or yellow cake mix, I just dust them with powdered sugar. They taste amazing and look pretty.

Sheet Cake

Frosting always rules in our house. But, sometimes I need to make a cake that can feed many people. So, I take a regular box mix and put it in a larger sheet cake pan. You have to adjust the time - usually baking only 15-20 minutes total - depending on the thickness. Once you bake it, frost it and refrigerate until the frosting is cold. Then I cut it up into bite size pieces (if you cut the cake while the frosting is warm, it will get everywhere and the pieces will not look nice). This makes a lot of cake. You can spread it around.


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