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Skittle History

Updated on March 17, 2014

The Candy that Changed Lives

Most of us know the famed candy, Skittles, that resemble the chocolate candy M&M's. We know of children that can't help but ask their parents to buy one packet... Just a few of these colorful treats can make almost everyone you know smile.

The question is: How did these fruity bits become the popular treat that they are now? This is something that is often overlooked, and I'm willing to fill you in with this fascinating information. Here it goes-

Here's a big bag of our favorite chewy candy.
Here's a big bag of our favorite chewy candy. | Source

A Piece of History

Named after the Roman God of War, Mars Inc. definitely began a revolution in the world of candy. Frank C. Mars was born in Hancock, Minnesota with a dreadful illness called polio in 1882. This prevented him to walk easily. As a child, him and his mom used to make candy in their kitchen. She personally taught him how to dip chocolate. This was a mere beginning of the Mars company we know of today.

Wrigley Inc. is a branch of Mars Inc., originally discovered by William Wrigley Jr. He came to Chicago when he was 29 years old, and only had $32 in his pocket. He went from selling soap to baking powder and even initiated the idea of bubble gum. Now, candies such as Juicy Fruit and Orbit gum rocks our world today. Now, this is where Skittles come in.

"Taste the Rainbow"- Skittles

In 1974, Skittles were sold all throughout Europe and five years later, they were shipped away to America to be sold. The average colors we know of now include Orange, Grape, Strawberry, Lemon, and Lime. More "exotic" flavors such as Banana, Kiwi, and Mango were soon introduced.

The "flavors" of the candy began to grow old after a while, so special packets such as Sour Skittles in 2000 became HUGE. In 2009, Crazy Core Skittles were also introduced, which give you double the flavor of your average skittles! Believe it or not, 47,000 bags are produced every day! That's around 200,000,000 skittles made every day!

Skittle Types-

  • 1989- Tropical flavors were introduced to the public
  • 2000- Sour Skittles debut
  • 2004- Bubble Gum Skittles appear on the scene. These are bits and pieces of bubble gum with Skittle-based flavors.
  • 2005- Smoothie Skittles combine 2 flavors into 1 smooth combination
  • 2012- "Skittle Riddles" boil to the surface, adding a mysterious twist to the land of Skittles

Buy Some Now!

As you can see below, here is what I've been talking about: Skittles at their greatest. If you want your own candy goodness, please click on the link to Amazon below. Who wouldn't want a big bag of chewy, delectable fruit-filled Skittles? I love them, and so will you after you try an entire bag of them! Enjoy!


Now, if you are craving a more SOUR sensation, here's the choice for you. This box is FULL of your favorite Skittle types. As I've said earlier, Sour Skittles are one of the first Skittles out there, and in my opinion, one of the best. Share this boat-full of Skittles with your friends or family, unless you want them all to yourself.

Skittle Poll-

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