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Abstract Food Art - This Ain't Chopped Liver

Updated on October 5, 2015

I Don't Get Fancy With My Food


I Just Appreciate it

I was thinking just now about whether I have ever personally seen anyone cut up food in creative ways.

Well, the answer is yes, but not to this extent. I do own some sort of book that I got at the local Thrift Store that explains where to make the slices so that you can make an apple look like a swan, a radish look like a beautiful rose.

You can go to a Sushi restaurant and see them get creative with fish slices, but that's a whole different topic.

I Almost Wouldn't Want to Eat Them

I saw a pictures of apples cut like the old chip art that they used to do in Shop Class with pieces of wood, to make trivets for setting a hot pan on.

Nope, this is fancier than that. Beautiful, even. Definitely an art form. I was reading that for twenty -five years, the Food Arts magazine kept everyone in the know about how to create masterpieces. Kudos to them for years of wonderfulness. Thank you!

I don't know if you can get back issues from them. Probably. The issues would be worth having!!!

An Apple

Tomato Rose Flower




Even Candy Blowing

Sugar Blowing Fish Art

I Remember Watching a Glass Blower

When I was a child, about nine years old, I lived in Grand Marais, Minnesota and at that time, there was a glass blower's shack down by the lake. He had the full set up. He had a fire and blow pipes and he'd take a lump of glass, heat it, blow it, twirl it around. Gravity, air and heat are a big factor in molten art.

I don't know how well I'd appreciate eating candy art. Remember that this person is blowing into your food. Some people are squeamish about that. I'm one. But, it is fascinating. I'd just want to keep it any way. As a momento!

Horses and a Carriage

I Remember Sugar Eggs When I Was Five

My mother gave my sister and I sugar eggs for Easter with our Easter baskets. [I know, I'm not supposed to know that she did it, but it was pretty obvious]

The sugar egg was the size of a L'egg's Egg and it had an egg shaped sugar body and there was some sort of scene inside it. I don't recall whether it was the nativity, or a city, or what it actually was. I was five years old. I'm lucky I remember that I got one.

Anyway, to make a long story short, I ate that egg, so I cannot show it to you.

It's Nothing New - Just Really Cool!!!

Food art has been around for a long time. There are classes available.

The book that I bought for learning food art was a book used by the Culinary Arts Institute.

How About Jewelers and Their Egg Art

Egg Art

Pepper Frog

Penguins, Sheep and Lady Bugs

How About You

Do you appreciate food Art?

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    • poetryman6969 profile image


      3 years ago

      Looks too beautiful to eat. Some stunning pieces of food.

      Voted up for wonder and whimsy.


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