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slovenian stuffed peppers

Updated on December 24, 2013

Stuffed Peppers or Polnjene Paprike

Slovenian Stuffed Peppers are not "typical" Slovenian, but just a Slovenian Variant of Stuffed Peppers. Because Stuffed Peppers is a well known dish which exists in different names and in so many different forms around the world. A very good summary of "Stuffed Peppers" around the world, you can read by clicking this link, and you will notice, this dish is already spreaded almost over the whole world.

But anyway, in our Slovenian Kitchen, this dish is a "delicacy", and many times served in march and april, most of all in "early springtime". There are hundreds of variants of Stuffed Peppers all over the world; but also in Slovenia, there are already so many different variants how to prepare good Stuffed Peppers. In this lens I just want to share "my favorite Stuffed Peppers dish", a delicious dish always prepared by my mother.

The Most common prepared Stuffed Peppers, are the ones filled with Rice and Minced Meat.

Peppers with Rice/Minced Meat in Tomato Sauce

The BASIC INGREDIENTS for the Filling and the Tomato Sauce for 5-6 Stuffed Peppers.

To Prepare the Filling:

1/2 kg minced meat (mixture of beef and pork)

1 handful of Rice

3 large Onions

3 cloves of Garlic

3 sprigs of Parsley


To prepare the Tomato Sauce:

1 large Onion

2 medium sized cans of concentrated Tomato Sauce

1 little spoon of sugar

ground red (sweet) pepper

1 Laurel leaf

1/2 of beef soup cube or salt instead


if needed, some flour for thickening

Slovenian Stuffed Peppers served with Puree of Potatoes
Slovenian Stuffed Peppers served with Puree of Potatoes

Art of Preparing the Best Stuffed Peppers


A/ Of course: first of all you need 5-6 medium sized peppers. Wash them carefully. Then you open every Pepper at the top, cutting out a "cover" around the peduncle. Clean every "cover" well, removing all little "seeds". Also the inner side of every pepper, clean it carefully, by removing all "seeds".

B/ Preparing the Filling to stuff the peppers (Minced Meat and Rice).

First of all you have to chop the onions very fine. Then let them fry - stew softly on few spoons of frying oil. Add some salt, so the onions become translucent, so after that we can add the "minced meat". While frying the minced meat, keep on mixing it, so to prevent thick pieces of minced meat. Next we add chopped garlic and parley, and the rest of the spices. We do fry the meat on "medium" temperature, so long until the meat starts adhering to the bottom at the pot.

At this moment we add the well washed Rice, and so much water as about the quantity of Rice. This mass we cook for about 10 minuts, until you see, the Rice is "almost" cooked. We take it off the fire/oven, and we start filling the "empty peppers" with this mixture of minced meat/rice. We stuff the peppers just for 3/4, replacing the "cutted roof with peduncle", and closing the pepper, so the filling can't escape during the cooking procedure.

C/ Preparing the Tomato Sauce.

Chop the onions very fine. Then let them fry - stew softly on few spoons of frying oil, until the onions become yellow to light brown. Add some sugar, and mix it with the onions, until it starts caramelizing. We add both of the cans of concentrated tomato puree, the laurel leaf, some ground red sweet pepper powder, the cube of beef soup, and a little bit more of salt if needed.

When the tomato sauce starts "cooking", we add the "stuffed peppers", and let them cook softly on medium heat, until we see the "peppers" are becoming "softly". Also, when we see the tomato sauce during the cooking of the Stuffed Peppers isn't "thickening", you can add a little bit of "flour" (dissolved in a little bit of water, to prevent nodules in the tomato sauce).

To give the taste of this dish something "special", add a little bit of "white wine" to your sauce. This will change the taste of your sauce for the better.

Normally a "Stuffed Pepper" is served just with some Tomato Sauce, without "side dishes"; because the filling is rich enough; there is meat and rice, and also the "pepper" to eat. But if you want, you can add "cooked potatoes", or "puree of potatoes".

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    • profile image

      othellos 4 years ago

      Very close recipe to my traditional one that I have but there are some touches from Slovenia that make yours unique. I must try your version to tell the difference though. Thank you for publishing it.

    • Dusty2 LM profile image

      Dusty2 LM 4 years ago

      Besides this version of stuffed peppers I will sometimes add corn, beans or bread crumbs. And, whenever it is available I like to use ground up wild big game or buffalo meat for variety. I appreciate you sharing. Thank You for visiting my Vegan Brownies To Die For lens and giving it a "thumbs up" as it is appreciated. Hope you enjoy the brownies. Bon Appetit!