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Froster Slushies from Macs, I Love You

Updated on March 15, 2012
Froster slushies are my favorite
Froster slushies are my favorite | Source

A hot day full of sunshine is striking you. The sweat is making your clothes so wet you could pour some detergent on and do your laundry while moving... just kidding. What better than an ice cream by that weather ? No need to think twice about it, get a slushy !

What is a slushy ?

A slushy is a delicious beverage made with crushed ice and soda. The most common brand are Froster, Slurpee and Slush puppies.


My absolute favorite brand of slushy. You can find it in Circle K in the US and in any Mac’s convenient store in Canada (don’t go to an Apple store, even though they are great and sell Macs, it’s not Mac’s and you won’t find any slushies over there). It’s the perfect taste, you can mix the flavors. My favorite thing to do is putting multiple layers of different colors and finishing with the blue one.


That’s a good one too. Sold at 7-eleven, they have different flavors than Froster and they are fine.

Slush puppies

I find them too sweet. Absolutely not refreshing because you really need to drink something else to rinse your mouth from the sweetness. The only thing I like about them is their name : puppies !

What if I can’t any store ?

At home

  • Fridge serving crushed ice : just add soda or juice in it,
  • Blender : blend some ice cubes with juice or soda,
  • A clean bag that you fill with ice cubes : crush them with a hammer or a small baseball bat for example. Be careful not to destroy your house while making crushed ice, I won’t be held responsible for it. Put the ice in a glass and pour juice.


If you’re in Europe, you will most likely find granita or granite during summer- time.

For adults : Alcoholic slushies

This doesn’t mean that you have to put alcohol in a slushy to make it and adult drink. Slushies are for everyone of course but you can put a twist to it.

Add your favorite liquor in your slushies. You can pour your favorite cocktail mix in it and transform it into a delicious drink. I can’t tell you how I felt when I drank my first bellini slushy in a bar : the awesomeness of the slushy blended with a peach and champagne flavor !

How do YOU feel about slushies ? What are your favorite brands and flavors ?


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