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Slushy Magic As Seen On TV

Updated on July 22, 2011

Slushy Magic

I just saw a commercial for the Slushy Magic as seen on tv magic slushy maker. Do you remember when you were a kid and you had the red snoopy slushy magic snow cone maker machine? The slushy magic machine completely brought me back to sitting at my cousins house making snow cones with it and it made me want to order one asap. Luckily for my diet I decided not to. The main reason is that the slushy magic isn't bad for you, its the toppings and juices that add all the calories. If you do end up buying one though, here is how I would use it and some awesome sounding slushy recipes.

Virgin for the family.

Orange slushy magic drinks. Take orange juice for the flavor and add in an orange straw. Then take an orange wheel and stick it on the side of the serving cup. To top it off take a grater and shave off orange zests on top for extra decoration. I think this will be a fun and healthy slush for your kids.

The chocolate slush. take chocolate sauce and mix it into the slush. Then you can take a chunk of dark, milk or white chocolate and peel it with an orange or potatoe peeler and make shavings to decorate the top with and you now have a delicious and fun chocolaty slush treat.

For the adults.

Take the slushy magic machine and add in mojito mix. Now take some light rum and pour it over the top. After you finish take some mint leaves and mix them into the ice mixer. Garnish it with a lime wedge or wheel and use a long straw for your fabulous lime mojito mint slushy.

Raspberry slushy. For this one you take chambord or razzmatazz liquor and use that for the slushy magic as seen on tv slushy maker. Now top it with a cucmber wheel off of the side and use a basil leaf for an extra garnish. You can also add a splash of sake to really hit this adult slushy home.

Ok, after creating these amazing sounding slushes, I think I may end up having to buy slushy magic or order a snoopy snow cone maker just so I can try them. I'm going to behave because I need to lose weight, but if you end up making these slushes, please come back and let me know what you think. Please feel free to leave a comment below about the slushy magic as seen on tv.


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