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Best Beef Brisket Ever!

Updated on January 19, 2012

How To Smoke A Beef Brisket And Love It

Well it all starts out with the right smoking wood for the meat your going to be cooking. I like to use pecan wood for beef. It gives the beef a very nice flavor with out being to overpowering. When you have selected the wood you like. You will need to get your fire to a holding temp of 180 degree's. When smoking any meats slow is always better. You don't want your temp to rise or fall to much while the meat is on the grill. You don't want your brisket tough and you certainly don't want food poisoning. Make sure you have plenty of wood as the cooking process will take some time. 12 hours is a common cook time for a medium sized brisket 8 to 9 lbs. Approximately 1.5 hrs per lb. You will need a good meat thermometer to check your brisket. I like my brisket between 175 to 180 degree's. A basting brush or BBQ mop is needed to brush the meat in order to keep it moist and also Aluminum foil to wrap the meat. Most important thing for this is patients always remember slower is better when smoking meats.

The Ingredients

Your going to need honey, mustard, garlic,sea salt, chili powder, lemon juice, onion and barbecue sauce. In a large bowl mix add 1 cup of honey, 1/2 cup of spicy mustard, 1 teaspoon of lemon juice, 1 tablespoon of freshly crushed garlic, 1 tablespoon of sea salt, 1 tablespoon of chili powder,1/2 of a onion diced very fine and 3 cups of your favorite barbecue sauce. I prefer a bold and spicy sauce on my brisket. Mix all theses ingredients together cover and refrigerate overnight.

Ready Set Go "SLOW"

Take aluminum foil and lay it out flat, you may have to put two or three sheets together to wrap the brisket. Put brisket on the foil fat side up. Your going to want to use a fork or a knife to pierce small holes into the fat. When you have plenty of holes in the fat generously apply sauce over the fat side of the brisket. Flip brisket over and put sauce on the meat side when brisket is completely covered with sauce wrap brisket in the foil and remember what side the fat is on. Always cook a brisket fat side up. With the fat side up and the grill at 180 degree's place the brisket on the grill and close the lid. You will want to check the temp of the grill and meat every hour, when the center of the meat gets to 150 degree's remove the brisket and uncover it. Place uncovered Brisket back on the grill fat side up. Apply sauce generously to both sides of the Brisket and repeat procedure every hour until brisket reaches desired temperature usually between 175 to 180 degree's.

When Brisket reaches desired Temperature Remove from grill and let stand for 15 minutes before carving to allow the meat to relax. Then thinly slice the brisket across the grain of the meat and serve with side dish of your choice. Add a small portion of your favorite barbecue sauce on the side to use for dipping sauce. Remember your patience will pay off and you will savor the moment. Eat, Drink a beer and be happy!!!!

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    • GlstngRosePetals profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Wouldn't You Like To Know

      Randy Godwin thank you for the compliment. If you love brisket you won't be disapointed !

    • Randy Godwin profile image

      Randy Godwin 

      6 years ago from Southern Georgia

      I love to cook a brisket and agree on using pecan wood for the flavor. Your recipe for the baste sounds great and I will certainly give it a try.


    • GlstngRosePetals profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Wouldn't You Like To Know

      Mr Archer This is the best i have had to date it is a must try, just remember slow and cook low. :0)

    • Mr Archer profile image

      Mr Archer 

      6 years ago from Missouri

      I am a meat smoker from way back, and you did a very good job on this recipe. I think I am going to pull some brisket out of the freezer and smoke it this weekend!

    • carol7777 profile image

      carol stanley 

      6 years ago from Arizona

      I love brisket and this recipe sounds delicious. My mother used to put brisket in the over and pour dry onion soup over it and cover completely..It was good. This sounds delicious..Thanks for sharing this.

    • GlstngRosePetals profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Wouldn't You Like To Know

      Rhonda Waits: Thankyou I really think you will enjoy the brisket and it is very yummy.. Hope the instructions are understandable if not let me know and I'll walk you through it..Thanks again :)

    • Rhonda Waits profile image

      Rhonda Musch 

      8 years ago from The Emerald Coast

      I love smoked meat. This sounds yummy. Yes I will try your recipe.


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