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Smoothie King Information

Updated on August 12, 2009

If you want to snack right, trim down, indulge, build up, stay healthy, and/or get energy Smoothie King is the place to be!

As an employee here, I get first hand experience at what goes on behind the counter. Although I can't tell you the exact recipes and how much goes in them (because I signed a contract saying I wouldn't) I can still advise you on what to get and what categories that will best suit you. Also, I can tell you what generally comes in specific smoothies if you want. If you have a Smoothie King near you, just go inside and ask for a menu (it's green). They should supply you with one right away; however, don't bother to ask what the meaurements are and/or the special ingredients because we will deny you right away. Sorry but we can't have other people making our great smoothies can we?

I am going to give you quick review. These will consist of personal choices and/or opinions of my own. I wll recommend smoothies that are my favorite and what the general public tends to go for. Also, I will list the four super fruits that Smoothie King loves for the public to get aquainted with.

Basic Info

Smoothie King is great. Trust me when I say this because I would have never gone there have I never gotten a job here. I remember a couple years ago when I went inside and looked at the prices and jetted back the opposite way.

The prices seem high, right? Well, that's because Smoothie King uses actual fruit and a lot of time and effort from the company as well as the employees goes into making them. They aren't just some lame company that picks garbage up and throws it into a blender and hands it off as a healthy and/or fullfilling treat. They really work at it and try to perfect the smoothie. SK promotes health as well as other essentials the public wants and/or needs.

SK CONSISTS OF SIX CATEGORIES (Keep in mind that these are smoothies)

  1. Snack Right -> fruity and lower in calories
  2. Trim Down -> lowest in calories
  3. Get Energy -> consist of natural energy boosters as well as caffeine boosters in others
  4. Build Up -> lots of protein and/or weight gain
  5. Stay Healthy -> less sugars, low in calories (low carb smoothies), and more fruits
  6. Indulge -> very high in calories, lot of sugars, fatty



Helpful Hints

  • "Make it skinny" -> takes out sugar and reduces calorie count. (Not all smoothies have sugar in them)
  • When you "make it skinny", and if you want to substitute another sugar instead, don't forget to tell them. Otherwise they will just take out the sugar. Other sugars include: Stevia, Splenda, and Equal.
  • In the "Build Up" section there is a smoothie called the Gladiator. Generally people who want to gain more body mass or want a meal replacement consume this. The 45 grams of protein that's in them is the same for each size smoothie (small-20 oz, medium-32 oz, and large-40 oz). The only difference is the amount of fruit/food ingredient that's in them (you get to choose two; anything else is a 75¢ charge).
  • To lessen calories in a shake or malt substitute yogurt instead for the icecream. It tastes almost the exact same.
  • Each day SK has a special.
  • The Four Superfruits are listed below...



  • Improve General Metabolism
  • Regulate Hypertension
  • Maintain Healthy Vision
  • Promote Weight Loss





  • Promote Joint Flexibility
  • Maintain Immune System Health and Positive Mental Support
  • Support Microbiological Balance




  • Improve Blood Flow to Heart and Arteries
  • Lower Blood Pressure and Bad Cholesterol Levels
  • Absorb More Vitamins B, C, Potassium and Antioxidant Polyphenol




  • Removes Harmful Toxins in Body
  • Regulate Metabolism
  • Suppress Hunger
  • Boost of Energy





  • Immune Builder (380 calories- 20 oz) - bananas, strawberries, herbal nutrient blend, soy protein, turbinado and honey. (This smoothie is yummy because it has the basic good fruits such as strawberries and bananas and with herbal nutrient blend. HNB is natural and contains Echinacea which boost your immune system. DO NOT GET THIS IF YOU'RE PREGNANT!
  • Pomegranate Punch (464 calories - 20 oz) - pomegranate, bananas, blueberry, apple juice, soy protein, and turbinado.(Just the right anount of sweet, sour, and tart. Also, great for your heart: Info listed above under superfruit.)


  • Acai Adventure (435 calories- 20 OZ)- acai, apple juice, blueberry, vanilla protein blend and turbinado. (Sweet and a little sour with NATURAL energy boosters rather then that caffeine stuff).


  • Angel Food (354 calories - 20 oz) - strawberries, bananas, soy protein, non-fat milk, vanilla, turbinado, and honey. (This is SK's basic strawberry and banana smoothie.)
  • Island Impact (312 calories - 20 oz) - papaya, mango, mango sorbet, pineapple, vanilla protein blend. (I love this smoothie but I add strawberries for 75¢ or you can substitute it for another ingredient such as the papaya or mango. Very refreshing and last longer because it has sorbet in it.)


  • Gladiator (180 calories usually - 20 oz - varies with choice of fruit) - your choice of two fruits or juices. (Also a MEAL REPLACEMENT!)
  • Hulk (901- 1044 calories depending on flavor - 20 oz) - (flavors include : strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate) weight gain mix, butter pecan ice cream, bananas, egg and soy protein, non-fat milk, carbohydrate mix, wheat germ, turbinado and honey. (This is a great smoothie for anyone who wishes to GAIN WEIGHT, but to succeed in gaining the weight you must have this WITH the rest of your meals not as a replacement.)


  • Caribbean Way (395 calories - 20 oz) - strawberries, bananas, papaya. turbinado, and honey. (This is my FAVORITE smoothie. Just the right blend of fruits without that tart taste. Also, I usually leave out the sugar (turbinado), added water and honey. This knocks about 100 calories off.)
  • Strawberry Extreme (366 calories - 20 oz) - starwberries, soy protein, carbohydrate mix, and honey. (This is my boyfriends favorite and anyone who likes a basic strawberry smoothie. When I make this, I leave out the honey and added water. This makes it thicker with strawberry taste an knocks a couple calories off as well.)


  • Banana Boat (550 calories - 20 oz) - bananas, vanilla protein blend, ice cream and turbinado. (This is one of my favorites too. I didn't think I would like this at all but it so happens to be one of our best smoothies. If you love bananas, you will LOVE this!)
  • Pina Colada Island (600 calories - 20 oz) - pineapple, coconut, vanilla protein blend, non-fat milk, turbinado, honey and vanilla. (This one is great to; however, I only make it with 1/2 the added water and I blend it twice. This helps if you don't like the grimy feeling of the coconut so much.)




SK prices can range from $2.50 to about $9.00. It seems pricey to most but SK puts a lot of work into their products and work hard to insure the best. If you don't like your smoothie, just let a worker know and they will help you right away. Sk promotes Health, customer service as well as a smoothie splurge on people who just want to have a great treat!

Ingredient substitutions are welcome as well as add-ons, but be aware that the add-on can be 75¢-99¢ depending on the item.


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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      What measurement size is an add on? Like add blueberries.

      Is it like half a cup or something?


    • profile image


      7 years ago

      This was a very entertaining and useful article!!!


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