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Smoothie Maker Guide

Updated on June 11, 2013

We all know how important fruits and vegetables are to our health. The vitamins, minerals, fiber, amino acids, and other constituents found in these foods are absolutely necessary parts of our diet, without which we can’t be as healthy as we should. Fruits and vegetables are our first line of defense against disease and in promoting the proper functioning of all our body’s systems. This is the reason the USDA recommends that we eat at least five fruits and vegetables a day—the scientists there have determined that this quantity is crucial to our well being. The trouble many of us have, though, is finding ways to consume that many fruits and vegetables in our day, every day. Sometimes we come up short.

However, there is one great, delicious way to pack a lot of fruits and vegetables into our diet. Smoothies, made from fresh vegetables or fruit, can contain many servings of these important foods all in one easy to drink, easy to enjoy package. If you drink just a couple smoothies each day, you will easily get five, or more, servings of fruits and veggies into your body without much of an effort. And what’s the best way to drink a smoothie? When you use your own smoothie maker at home! That way, you know just how fresh and packed with vitamins your smoothie is. A smoothie maker will also save you a lot of money.

A smoothie maker will ensure you can enjoy your favorite smoothie whenever you want.
A smoothie maker will ensure you can enjoy your favorite smoothie whenever you want.

The Benefits of a Smoothie Maker

The fresher a piece of fruit or vegetable is, the more nutrients it contains. This is especially true when it has been chopped or blended. Fruits and vegetables put into a smoothie maker begin to loose their vitamins and minerals within minutes. This is why, when you make a smoothie, you should drink it right away. It will not only taste better that way, it will be more healthful.

The problem with many commercial smoothie bars is that they don’t use fresh fruits and veggies. They use fruit and vegetable pastes and concentrates. Or they use produce that isn’t in the best condition, that has started to wilt or go bad. But this problem is solved when you have your own smoothie maker. You go to the supermarket or produce stand, pick out the freshest, ripest vegetables and fruits, and make a delicious, nutritious smoothie on the spot. In this way you are guaranteed the highest nutritional content that is possible.

The other thing about smoothie bars is that they are expensive. Sometimes these drinks can cost you five or more dollars. This can add up fast when you are trying to get five servings of fruits and vegetables into your diet each day. Owning your own home smoothie maker will cut down on your expenses immensely. Just a couple weeks of fresh, home made smoothies and your smoothie maker will have paid for itself. And if you purchase a high quality smoothie maker, it will give you many years of service.

Buying a Smoothie Maker

Some people make smoothies in their blender. And if you have a really good blender, this might work fine. The problem with many blenders, however, is that the motor and the cutting blades are not meant to handle the tough fibers of many fruits and vegetables or the ice that many people like to add to their smoothies. This can lead to fruits and vegetables not being thoroughly liquefied or to chunks of ice in your drink. What’s more, you can wear out your blender quickly by giving it too much work that it wasn’t designed to handle.

Smoothie makers were made to do the work of making fresh smoothies every day. There are many brands of smoothie makers out there with powerful motors and cutting blades perfected for the chopping and liquefying of fresh vegetables and fruits. Hamilton Beach, Blendtec, Waring, and Back to Basics are a few of the most popular and well liked brands of smoothie makers on today’s market. These brands of smoothie maker can be found at, at Best Buy, at Target stores, and many other places.

What you will discover when you purchase your new smoothie maker is that eating and enjoying fruits and vegetables will be easier than ever. There are so many kinds of smoothies that you can make with your own smoothie maker that you will never run out of different combinations and flavors. For truly healthful living, get a smoothie maker soon.


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