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Healthy and Easy Snack Ideas

Updated on September 4, 2014

Let's be honest with ourselves, we all enjoy snacking more than we like to admit. Three meals a day just doesn't cut it anymore. What about the time in between the meals? How do you keep yourself from getting hungry? It is actually healthier for you to eat throughout the day to keep your metabolism going. But if your schedule looks anything like mine, you don't have enough time to prepare healthy snacks for yourself. This is why most of us just end up stopping at McDonalds for a McDouble or a "healthy" snack wrap. Truth is, fast food is TERRIBLE for your body, and you need to stop making excuses for eating so badly. Wake up five minutes earlier for work, and prepare these healthy snacks to fuel your body.


Celery is so easy to prepare. Rip you off one or two stalks of celery, rinse them off, and put them in a Ziploc bag. Of course, celery tastes better with a side, like peanut butter or hummus. Put one of the two in a small container, and you're good to go!

Multi-grain crackers

Of course, you can always eat crackers by themselves. But, that tends to be a little too boring for many people. You can pair crackers with a number of other things (remember the goal is to keep it healthy). My favorite things to eat with crackers are Swiss cheese and grapes, crackers with Nutella spread on them, or tuna. Try to buy multi-grain crackers to help keep the snack healthy. Plus, you can barely taste the difference between regular crackers and multi-grain.

Cucumber slices

OK, now I know the thought of cucumbers makes a lot of people cringe. Honestly, before I had ever tried this tasty snack, I was definitely NOT a fan of cucumbers. But, I do recommend giving this a try, especially seeing the numerous health benefits that come from cucumbers. Try slicing about half of a cucumber into pieces like in the picture to the right. Then try drizzling the slices with either Balsamic or Caesar dressing. I promise it is a lot more tasty than it sounds!


Strawberries; a fruit that is hard not to love. Strawberries taste great by themselves but even better dipped in things! Now I know the goal is to stay healthy, but dark chocolate is actually good for your heart in moderation. Eating strawberries dipped in dark chocolate isn't going to hurt you. Strawberries also taste AMAZING dipped in low-fat vanilla yogurt. Try dipping them in greek yogurt to get the added protein.


Bananas are so full of nutrients that our bodies need. It is good to include them in our diets. If you don't like bananas by themselves, I recommend dipping them in vanilla pudding. While pudding isn't completely healthy, you can find sugar free pudding that is less than 100 calories. If it helps you to add bananas to your diet, it's not doing too much harm for ya.

PS: Bananas really help with hangovers, so this would be a good snack to eat after a night out on the town.

Graham crackers

Of the list, this is the least healthy. No fruits or vegetables, but it remains low in calories, so it's a still a good snack choice! I recommend topping them with cream cheese or Nutella! I added this to the list because graham crackers taste so good, how could you not love 'em?!

Hard boiled eggs

Mmm, just the thought of hard boiled eggs make my mouth water. Eggs contain such a high amount of protein in them, it's great to include into your diet. Top the eggs with Cayenne pepper (natural metabolism booster) or hot sauce to add a little flavor!

I hope you guys enjoy my snack ideas! If you have any other quick and healthy snack ideas that I didn't mention, please recommend them to me! I'd love to try them out!


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    • Arachnea profile image

      Tanya Jones 3 years ago from Texas USA

      Hi there, torriecarroll! I saw this the other day and meant to stop in for a visit. I love celery and P-B. Your other snacks look scrumptious too. I love to do graham crackers and p-b.

    • ecogranny profile image

      Kathryn Grace 3 years ago from San Francisco

      Good snacks all. I am especially fond of cucumbers, btw, so not all of us cringe when we see them. They are especially pretty in your spiral plating. One of my favorite go-to snacks is homemade granola, which I can eat out of hand like peanuts.

    • Dreamhowl profile image

      Jessica Marello 3 years ago from United States

      I love these ideas! I try to snack healthy while at work, and while I don't always succeed, I am getting better. I sometimes take celery, like you suggested, with a container of cream cheese to spread on. Bananas tend to go bad on me before I can finish them, though. :/

    • Susan Recipes profile image

      Susan 3 years ago from India

      Thanks for sharing this amazing snack ideas. Voted up.