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Snacks You can Cook - Side Dish for Drinks.

Updated on February 9, 2013
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I am a Textile Technocrat having done my Diploma in Textile in Textile Technology a 3 and 1/2 year course in Govt SKSJTI Bangalore.

Most Favored.during Drinks.

Finger Chips
Finger Chips
Shapes in Chips.
Shapes in Chips.
Mouth Watering Look.
Mouth Watering Look.
Tapioca Chips.
Tapioca Chips.

Don't Buy Make it.

Every Bar in Every Restaurant invariably tell you when you order a Drink if you need Chips or you order,which may be Finger Chips it takes time as it has to be prepared.They bring a packet of Chips in a plastic bag open it and pour the contents on on a plate.However if you invite your friend to your home you need to cook this chips as packets f chips won't make it look like you have your drinks at home.

Kids during watching TV are into these plastic bags of all sorts of shape of chips.They do not like anything better though some eat buckets of popcorn kept in front of them when in group.

How do you prepare other types of chips like:-

Raw Banana Chips.

All you need is 6 Raw Bananas,Pepper or Cayenne & Salt as you need.

Remove the skin of Raw Banana and cut it in chip shape or use a hand held chip maker.Spread it out on a mat.

Put a wok on slow flame and heat ghee,to test the temperature just put a small piece of banana chip after you start smelling ghee,the sample piece of banana chip will start going round with bubbles with a hissing sound,slowly but soon start putting the dried banana chips and soon it will change its color to yellowish or very similar to that.Stir and start turning over to the bottom side and  remove it perforated flat big Indian spoon called MoG chE ka Yi.and spread it over a flat perforated plate.The ghee drips down to the stainless steel vestal and the Chips when slightly warm sprinkle salt & Cayenne or Salt & Pepper or Salt & dry red chili powder or just salt or a combination of all to separate groups of chips so you have all varieties of chips to taste.  

Bitter Gourd Chips.

Here cut the bitter gourd to round pieces slightly thicker and remove the seeds not the skin as it is good for health.Follow the same method as you have done in case of Raw Banana Chip.

Pumpkin Chips.

Usually the skin of the pumpkin is thrown away,here you collect them for a side dish as chips.Cut the skin in such a way that you can have any size of this sort of a chip and the rest is as mentioned above.Wash the pumpkin well and dry it with a cloth first.

Tindora Chips.

1 Pound Tindora.

1) Green Chili 30 grams.

2) Jeera - 5 grams.

3) Methi.

Salt & Cayenne to taste.

Wash all Tindora and cut it round shape as thick as a Dollar Coin. Grind !).2) & 3) in a spice grinder and  mix it with 2 tablespoons of water and smear this paste on all pieces of Tindora and allow it to dry. Fry them in ghee as mentioned in case of Banana chips.

Raw Vegetable Mix.

Select all raw eatable vegetables each 200 grams cut them to tiny pieces and mix them so that it will be difficult to make out what are the vegetables mixed add salt to taste.Garnish them by sprinkling coriander leaves in plenty that also cut to micro size. Serve to anybody they will eat it like ice cream.

Tapioca Mashed or sliced or cut.

Take one Kg of Tapioca remove the skin and boil it well and cut it or hand squeeze it in to paste and sprinkle salt and dry chili powder dress it with coconut gratings.

You can also serve it in milk with Sugar and dry fruits. 

Buy a Machine & Start a Selling Outlet.


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