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Snake Wine Anyone?

Updated on April 21, 2010

Ready for a drink?

Snakes in Wine Jars
Snakes in Wine Jars
Some little critters ready for the next brew.
Some little critters ready for the next brew.

Snake Wine?

I first saw it in Shanghai, though I have a feeling that I had heard about it before, but thought it was some joke really.  I mean, how could one drink something that sounds so gruesome.

One day in 2008 I was walking in the back lanes of Old Shanghai Town and saw several jars of snake wine, and containers of live snakes.  I've been told that the best idea is to get the wine soon after the happless snake has been put in the wine.  Fresh is best?

Last weekend on island in Qingshan Lake, there was a seller of snake wine - with glass jars of the wine, and also boxes with different snakes in them.  And a big jar of scorpions too.  Scorpion Wine anyone?

I'll pass. Give me a good drop of famous Australian wine any day.  Without the livestock. 


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