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Snow Ryder Automatic Seeds

Updated on May 25, 2016

Modified Female Marijuana Seeds

Mild / Continental

Compact size plant

Blooming 40 to 55 days

Harvest: medium

75% Indica

The most impressive traits of SnowRyder Automatic are her auto-blooming ability and the formation of resin crystals that cover her dense buds in a blanket of snowflakes. The process of blooming in auto-flowering marijuana strains depends on the maturity of the plant, rather than the light cycles. Growing SnowRyder Automatic can be advantageous both in-and outdoors.

It takes 6 to 8 weeks before SnowRyder Automatic plant starts blooming. By that time the plant will have formed her sixth to ninth set of true leaves. SnowRyder Automatic is a compact size marijuana strain. The plant reaches an average height ranging from 90 to 120cm. The height is predetermined and nothing can change that, including grower’s unintentional mistakes.

When grown outdoors, SnowRyder Automatic should be commenced in the spring so that it can flower in June or July and finish by September.

The plant is robust. Her buds are Indica-like dense and smothered in resin crystals. The flavor can best be described as mild, spicy and somewhat citrus-scented and earthy. This strain gives well-balanced bodily sensations of stone with a pinch of high.


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