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Fermented Rices

Updated on September 3, 2016
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Canita - has been a secretary/receptionist, bookkeeper, teacher and retail store manager. I love writing about the things I'm curious about.

Red rice

Red Rice
Red Rice | Source

Types of Rice

I have had several types and styles of rice: American, Mexican (el arroz). Haitian (diri), Chinese (fan), Korean (hin Pap), Philippine (kanin), Guamanian (hinksa) and a few others. People have asked me, "Do you like rice?." My answer was "Yes, I like rice." I have visted countries where rice and beans were the staple. I have eaten rice and beans, and beans and rice for most of my meals for months. I have had rice with kimchi so spicy that I was able to blow fire like a dragon. There is fluffy and sticky white rice, brown rice, and red rice. Based on my travel experience, I thought I knew rice.

White Rice

White Basmati Rice
White Basmati Rice | Source

India and rice

I was planning a trip to India. I thought I don't really need to take snacks. I like rice and fresh fruit, so I should be good. I stayed within a six hour, radius around Hyderabad, India for three weeks. It was there that my education on rice was developed.

There are two types of aromatic rices. Jasmine and Basmati (Hindi word for rice). Those two types of rice can be recreated into milled raw, steamed, and parboiled rice, Then there is Sella, Ponni and more.


Idili with Chutney
Idili with Chutney | Source

Idili and Chutney

For breakfast in India we were given a rice patty called Idili and Chutney. Idili is made from Basmati rice, mixed with red parboiled rice and flattened poha. It is fermented, cooked and served with Chutney and other foods. It sounded like a good choice for breakfast because "I like rice." I had a quick lesson in rice that morning. I was unprepared for rice that had been fermented. My pallet leans toward sweet, not savory or sour thus it was not to my liking. I discovered I did not know very much about rice. I had several more servings of rice on my trip and I learned a lot more about rice. I do believe if I had the time and desire, I too would learn to enjoy Idili and the wonderful Chutneys of India

Brown Rice

Brown Rice
Brown Rice | Source

More rice to try

I know more about rice and I have more to learn, but I am a little more cautious when someone asks me if I like rice. Alas, I have not given up on rice. I am still checking out the rice wherever I go. Why don't you join me.


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    • profile image

      Lela Ward 3 years ago

      My favorite rice these days is mixed with quinoa and flavored with garlic. Not sure I would care for fermented rice either.