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So what's good about coffee?

Updated on April 13, 2011

I am not what one can call "Coffee Connoisseur," but I am definitely a certified coffee lover, coffee addict! (Thank God recent studies have shown that coffee has actually anti-oxidants - unless, it was just used for "commercial" )

I love the aroma of brewing coffee...thats why it always gives me a natural high everytime I enter Starbucks, Seattle's Best, Bo's Coffee, etc. I just love smelling the scent of coffee.

I am sure one would agree with me when I say that the best coffee in the world (exag???) is GODIVA!!! ( ugh!!! to die for, man! its so good - I specially love the one with vanilla flavor?? goodness gracious! Thanks to my former client and friend, Ms. Menchi Orlina who introduced me to Godiva coffee...everything else falls short after this....sorry )

Anyways, I often think about why coffee just lures me to my bones. When I wake up in the morning, all I want is to sip a cup of coffee ( I dont care whether its brewed or instant coffee...the taste is different, but to me the satisfaction is the same anyway) So! here I am struggling against time....wishing to be ahead than most motorists....swell, I live far South in Sta Rosa Laguna, and at this time, SLEX is horrible ... with all the constructions going on...So! i don on my sexy clothes ( wink, wink) and start driving. Of course, I missed my coffee at home, but hang on...there's always McDo drive thru bring myself to McDo drive through and get that much coveted cup of coffee ( I dont like their premium, by the way). Oh boy, dont I feel satisfied....

After eating a hearty lunch, most girls would go for their fave "once-on-the-lips-forever-on-the hips-chocolate cake" or what have you. Me??? nah....Lavazza coffee for celle...oh, and make it decaf, non-fat! (wonderful)

I am so glued on coffee and while at Bo's Coffee in Mall of Asia yesterday, with my husband Angel and daughters Sarah and Justine, I kinda thought about what in coffee I really love? I mean, it couldnt just be the taste cause not all coffee that I have tasted are really good...but guess what? I still kept coming back for more. ( Isnt that strange?) It can't be the price cause some cafe's really charge to the neck, I mean, unreasonably high!!!! - It must be the ambience, huh?

And as I thought about it, many things came to mind...kinda like sorting out what really, really in coffee gives that "uh" pleasure...and it dawned on me suddenly... that coffee is like "social marketing"....yes, coffee is good, coffee satisfies, coffee perks...but more than that, I realized its really the "bonding moment" that matters... ( at least to me, I dont know about you) Its the thought that friends come together for coffee and catch up on the latest chika...its about sipping hot coffee with your babe just beside you talking about sweet nothings! ( you see, its not only coffee thats warms one body...its also the thought of being beside your significant other...right? i getting romantic???)

I guess, the essence is more the time spent together and the bond it creates between friends more than the perk that the Amaretto gives...

the sharing of secrets between two friends that creates trust between them eventually, more than the sweet, satisfying taste of the rich caramel macchiato...

the giggling of young ladies over their crushes and potential or would-be-boyfriends that de-stresses them over time, more than the luscious taste of caramel or mocha frappucino. Hahaha. I got it! There's no real magic in coffee!

Maybe...just maybe... coffee brings back fun, good memories of friends, huh? and lovers? and happy family moments together....

Thats why I love coffee...cause I love being with friends and I love being close to my family and I love making good, fond memories...

here's my piece of advise : the next time you go for a cup of coffee at the nearest starbucks, or seattles, or mcdo, or mister donut, or coffee tea leaf, figaro...wherever....make sure you are with the right company, and you will realize why coffee is so good.....!!!

So, have a cup with me soon??? ( wink, wink)


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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Feel a waterbed with hot coffee and make love on it. Oh GOD

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I love love love LOVE coffee! Can't imagine my life without. It's only when I drink it that I feel alive and synergized. It gives me such a warm (and I hope I'm not being too corny here) feeling inside that I feel like I'm going to jump up and down every time I so much as smell the aroma of freshly brewed coffee. There have I tempted you yet?

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      i love coffee and never start my day without it. One of the only addictions that wont cause you to rob your family and prostitute least i hope not!


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