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Some dining etiquettes

Updated on November 27, 2015

Today, in our busy lives, we hardly get any time to even eat together with our entire family. It is generally said that we should at least dine together once in a day (i.e at any one meal time). Most probably it should be the dinner time where we can interact with each other and discuss about the entire day's work. Here are eight points that we should follow as our dining etiquette.

1. Honor the head of the family:

This is an old practice followed in many households. I am not saying to present some gift to the family head. Offer the central seat to the concerned person (i.e the single chair on either side of the dining table). This gives them enough honor and makes them feel special.

picture depicting the head of family at the central and prime seat
picture depicting the head of family at the central and prime seat

2. Offer your prayer to God :

Before starting your meal, take out some time (2 minutes) to thank Lord for the day that you had spent and the supper. (Don't forget to admire Almighty as there are many who sleep without eating a single food item)

Pray or thanks God before you eat
Pray or thanks God before you eat

3. Admire them who prepared the food :

After praying, pay some gratitude to the ones who had actually prepared the food and those who had helped as because of them only you are able to have your meals. Also, ask them to join along with you.

A thanks for those who prepared the meal
A thanks for those who prepared the meal

4. Serve the food :

Before taking your meal try to serve the elder ones first. It hardly matters if you are a girl or a boy. Irrespective of this you can always serve the other members of the family. (Well this act of yours will surely fetch you respect and God's grace)

Serving your elders
Serving your elders

5. Do not speak much :

You are very much free to talk in between your meals but do not speak a lot ( save some conversation to be done after the dinner ends). You should speak less during meals :

a. To eat in a calm (thus healthy) atmosphere

b. To eat in a proper manner so that it does not stuck up in your food pipe

6. Eat with one hand :

It is not a restriction but only a convention. Try to eat using your right hand (or the one you use the most) and keep the other hand free. This is because if you want to have some drink like coke or water along with your food you can take it with clean and tidy hand. (If you eat using folk and knife then its a good practice)

7. Done with dinner :

When you have finished your food perform one of the following :

a. If you are sharing your plate with someone then put away your spoon or folk and knife (do not leave them in the plate).

b. If you are eating alone then put your spoon or folk and knife upside down to indicate that you finished your meal.

8. Pick up your plate :

It is a good practice to pick up your plate or any unused utensils from the table and keep them in kitchen sink. Do not wait for anyone to come and pick up your leftovers. (If you are a younger one try to pick the plates of your elder ones, you'll get many blessings).


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    • Sakshi Davessar profile image

      Sakshi Davessar 2 years ago from Punjab, India

      Thank you tonnes for your responses

    • manatita44 profile image

      manatita44 2 years ago from london

      Excellent table etiquette and other pointers most pleasing to the Lord. Educational and spiritual Hub. Continue ...