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South Beach Diet Phase 1: Keeping Eggs Interesting

Updated on April 16, 2009

If you're on the South Beach Diet, and in particular on Phase 1 of the plan, you know that you have to eat a lot of eggs--in some cases, every day during those first two weeks.  If you like eggs, especially if you stayed away from them all those years when low-fat eating was all the rage, this is not a difficult proposition.  But if you bore of them easily as I do, or worse, if you don't like eggs, it's a bit trickier and difficult.  Aside from the great recipes the South Beach Diet offers, here are a few of my ideas for keeping eggs interesting in some fun and easy ways:

1. Egg "Burrito"--Lay out a couple of pieces of lean deli ham.  Scramble a couple of eggs, cook until just set and lay on the ham slices.  Sprinkle with lowfat cheddar cheese and roll up like a burrito.  Dip in salsa or hot sauce if you like.

2. Pesto eggs--Scramble some eggs, adding a 1/2 tablespoon of prepared pesto sauce as you scramble.  After eggs are set, sprinkle with some part-skim mozzarella cheese, and even some chopped tomato if you like.

3. Low carb huevos--Microwave 1/2 cup refried beans in a bowl for about 30-45 seconds.  Fry a couple of eggs until white is just set and yolk is still slightly runny, about 2-2.5 minutes.  Slide eggs onto beans and sprinkle with some lowfat cheddar or jack cheese, a few drops of hot sauce and chopped cilantro.  Tell me if you miss the tortilla, because I can almost guarantee you won't.

4. Try all kinds of omelets--I like cheese omelets but they can get boring real fast.  Keep them interesting by using different combinations of veggies, cheeses and lean meats.  Asparagus, spinach and/or artichokes; goat or feta, Parmesan, or manchego cheese; Canadian bacon, turkey or even browned lean ground beef or turkey.  Also, fresh herbs always add nice flavor to eggs without adding calories.

5. Don't eat eggs--You'll keep your taste buds interested in eggs by not eating them every day.  Your options on SBD Phase 1 are limited, but I've managed this best by eating a few scoops of lowfat cottage cheese (with or without pesto or sun-dried tomato puree) for breakfast, or having ham or turkey rolls (spread lowfat cream cheese and sprinkle with chopped green or black olives before rolling up). 

Also, balancing the flavor of eggs with a glass of tomato or vegetable juice always keeps your taste buds happy and interested. 

So those are my ideas for keeping eggs interesting, and please let me know if you try any of them.  Most of all, good luck on the diet!


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