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South Beach Diet Phase 1 at Planet Hollywood

Updated on February 19, 2009

Planet Hollywood was founded in 1991 by Robert Earl, with the financial backing of actors Bruce Willis, Demi Moore, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone.  It’s a theme restaurant based on the Hollywood experience, similar to Hard Rock Café.  In fact, the menu is similar too—basic American grill food.  If you’re on the South Beach Diet, there are quite a few options, even for those on Phase 1 of the diet if you are smart and ask your server for some good substitutes.  Here is a look at the best SBD Phase 1 options at Planet Hollywood:



Blackened Shrimp—Marinated jumbo shrimp are blackened and served with a mustard dipping sauce


Tomato and Mozzarella Caprese—This is tailor made for Phase 1.  Sliced tomato with fresh mozzarella cheese, drizzled with olive oil and balsamic vinegar




Blackened Salmon Caesar Salad—Romaine lettuce is topped with blackened salmon, croutons, Parmesan and Romano cheese and then served with Caesar dressing.  Just ask for the dressing on the side, and for them to leave the croutons off. 


Chicken or Shrimp Caesar Salad—The same as the blackened salmon Caesar, but with grilled chicken or shrimp instead of salmon.


Cobb Salad—Romaine lettuce with tomatoes, Gruyere cheese, turkey breast, bacon, avocado, and chopped hard-boiled egg.  It’s served with Russian dressing, which you can ask for on the side and use sparingly.  You might, though, go with a lower carb dressing such as ranch or blue cheese.


Wedge Salad—Iceberg lettuce wedge with tomatoes, bacon, grilled chicken and blue cheese crumbles.  It’s also served with Russian dressing so ask for that or a lower carb dressing on the side.


Spinach Salad—Baby spinach is topped with peaches, strawberries, roasted chicken, walnuts, red onion and blue cheese crumbles, and topped with tomato balsamic vinaigrette.  Just have them omit the peaches and strawberries and to serve the dressing on the side. 


Southwestern Salad—Romaine lettuce topped with grilled chicken, black beans, fontina cheese, tomatoes, tortilla strips, and tossed with a lime cilantro peanut vinaigrette.  Ask for the tortilla strips to be left out and for the dressing on the side, and you’re good to go.




Sizzling Fajitas—Your choice of beef, chicken or shrimp served with sizzling onions and red and green bell peppers, cheddar and jack cheeses and served with flour tortillas, lettuce and Mexican rice.  What you want to do here is ask for this without the tortillas and rice and just eat the stir-fry with a fork. 


Roasted Half Chicken—Roasted chicken is served with mashed potatoes and fresh vegetables.  Just make sure you don’t eat the skin and eat mostly white meat, then ask for extra vegetables or a side salad instead of the potatoes. 


Blackened Mahi-Mahi—A lightly blackened 8 oz. filet of mahi mahi.  It’s served with jasmine rice and a fruit salsa, so ask for the salsa to be omitted and for veggies instead of rice. 


(note: the two steaks Planet Hollywood serves are not Phase 1 friendly—ribeye and strip steak, while the best choices typically are tenderloin or sirloin.)




The best (only) choices are a garden or Caesar side salad, or seasonal vegetables.




You’ll want to stick to water, sparkling water, Diet Pepsi, coffee, tea, herbal tea, or espresso.




On the Planet Hollywood website, there is no dessert section, only specialty beverages.  But I can’t imagine they don’t serve dessert.  Still, you’ll have to steer clear of alcohol or anything made with flour or sugar anyway on SBD Phase 1.  So have some coffee or tea, and then eat your sugar-free dessert at home. 


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