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Southern Foods - Why We Adore Them So Much

Updated on June 14, 2012
Some Nice Fried Chicken
Some Nice Fried Chicken

Why Southern Food Is Different

Have you ever noticed a Southerner slurping up some grits? Or maybe adding a boatload of sugar to a glass of tea? Even throwing some chicken into a deep fryer and calling it a meal? Well it is just the way Southerners eat but many people just don’t get it. In many cases this food comforts them, giving pleasure that they can receive from nowhere else. In other cases it is simply a way to be different, after all I can’t think of another reason to eat ground-up corn.

When Southerners sink their teeth into a juicy piece of fried chicken it gives them a since of home. It is almost like a tradition that nobody dares to question, as unhealthy as it may be. Only someone that lives in the South would one day randomly decide that they would fry their chicken, but it stuck for generations. I guess they can find a way to fry almost anything. That’s were most of their brainpower goes anyway.

Maybe ice-cold sweet tea was created purely from the want and need to be different. It could date all the way back to the rebellious actions that were taking place by the American colonists. Perhaps in an act of rebellion they decided to cool down the tea that the British drank hot, and add about 150 grams of sugar per serving.

Everyone at some time in their life feels the need to stand out in their life. The only difference is for Southerners this is everyday in their lives. Maybe the Northerners just feel that as long as Southerners don’t start racing cars in the North, they’ll just ignore the “tradition” that is Southern food.

A Quick Video About Popular Southern Food

Some More Good Southern Eats
Some More Good Southern Eats


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