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Soy and Chocolate Free Candies

Updated on August 29, 2012

Candy, nowadays, is anything but healthy -- we all know that. But, of course, that doesn't prevent us from eating it! No! Sometimes it's the thought of the bad sugars that spurs us on to eat and enjoy the candy all the more.

So what do you do when you have allergies? Do you drop all candy eating as it could make you sick? No, you don't have to. There are many candies out there that, believe it or not, are safe to eat with allergies.

When I was 18, I found out that I had allergies. I had never had a problem with allergies before, but suddenly, there they were, staring me straight in the face. I had to adapt my life to fit these allergies in, and let me tell you, it wasn't easy. Being allergic to soy AND chocolate really put a damper on my sweet consumption, but after some searching, I discovered candy that is both soy and chocolate free and extremely tasty.

The list following include some of my favorites (I didn't include all the soy and chocolate free candies), but I will give you this warning quickly: the companies producing the candies are not required to notify the consumers when they change ingredients, so it's always wise to check ingredient lists before eating them.

Swedish Fish

When people ask me, "Oh, do you like fish?" I love giving them this answer: "Do Swedish Fish count?" I like to think that they count, but I'm certain they really don't.

Swedish Fish are small, red candies in the cute shape of a fish. The chewy texture and fruity flavor make them favorites for anybody, especially anybody with allergies because they're basically made from sugar, corn syrup, and artificial colors. They're swell.


These little squares have been loved for decades, and have now become one of my favorite candies, due to the fact that they are both chocolate and soy free. While Swedish Fish are excellent, Starbursts are a nice alternative because they have a bigger flavor selection. I recently had some of the Flavor Morph ones, and I really like the Cherry Lime flavor!


This was my first consolation after I discovered that I had allergies. While the rest of my family was enjoying delicious bags of M&Ms, I found a small bag of Skittles lying neglected on the side, smiling cheerfully up at me and inviting me for a taste. No chocolate and no soy? Did I wait long to get into that little bag? Nope! :)


These curiously strong mints are the perfect thing to fall back on when you get tired of fruit candies. Actually, these breath mints are my new Sunday treat, since soy is found in almost every gum. So far, I've only tried the peppermint mints, but I'd like to try some of the other ones as I've discovered the other flavors include spearmint, wintergreen, cinnamon, ginger, licorice, and honey.

Candy Canes

Just a treat for Christmas? I don't think so! I'd eat candy canes all year round, relishing their cool, minty flavor. You don't have to worry about partially hydrogenated soybean oil in these little beauties because they're mainly made with peppermint oil. Epic win!


This is a huge candy market. You can get gummies in just about any shape, size, color, etc. I can't promise that all gummies will be soy free as I haven't looked at them all, nor tasted them all. I'm basing my experience mainly on gummy bears, as that's all I've really had since I've gotten allergies. But who could feel glum while eating one of these cute, little guys?

Dum Dums

Everybody's favorite lollipop. Yep, Dum Dums are soy and chocolate free. They're sugar and corn syrup with a stick on the end. Sounds tasty, right? Not really, but knowing what's in them doesn't really stop us from licking the sugary end of one. And with so many flavors to choose from, why would we want to give them up entirely?


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    • vespawoolf profile image

      vespawoolf 5 years ago from Peru, South America

      This is well-researched and interesting. I had no idea these old-fashioned candies are also natural. Thank you for sharing! Now I will enjoy these with less guilt. : )