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Which is Better? Soy Milk vs. Cow Milk

Updated on October 3, 2015
Soy milk vs. Cow milk
Soy milk vs. Cow milk

Soy Milk or Cow Milk?

The debate rages on regarding which is better between soy milk and cow milk. One thing is worth mentioning, however: both are useful food components. Soy milk may lack particular nutrients or vitamin sources as opposed to cow milk and vice versa but they both also have benefits. Which should you drink? The choice is yours, but use this information to help.

Soy Milk Nutrients and Benefits

  • A cup of soy milk has 5 g of total fat, 4 g of carbohydrates and 80 calories.
  • It also contains 30 mg of sodium and 7 g of protein.
  • Soy milk is also a rich source of vitamin B6, Magnesium, phosphorus, riboflavin and thiamin
  • Soy milk is very high in protein. This is brought about by soy beans containing more protein than any other legume. Protein is helpful in building the body and its organs.
  • Soy milk is also said to significantly reduce cholesterol level in the body and hence limiting the chances of someone suffering from a heart disease.
  • Soy milk can be taken by lactose intolerant people.
  • Soy milk is also low in saturated fat and is believed to contain 10% of the daily value of dietary fiber
  • Soy milk also contains iron which is needed for the transportation of oxygen across the body organs and parts.
  • Soy milk is also rich in omega 3 fats which has a lot of health and nutritional benefits to the body
  • Soy milk contains greater amounts of amino acids as compared to cow milk

Cow Milk Nutrients and Benefits

  • Cow milk contains about 30% of the body’s daily value of calcium. Calcium is does a very important role in the body like maintaining strong and healthy teeth and bones.
  • Cow milk is also a good source of vitamin D. vitamin D is important in maintaining a healthy and soft skin
  • Cow milk has more proteins and phosphorus than soy milk.
  • Studies have also indicated that cow milk and other dairy products can significantly reduce certain types of cancers like those that affect the colon.

Soy milk has many benefits
Soy milk has many benefits

Which is Better for Babies?

As for babies, the milk that you should use depends on their age. A baby under the age of one year shouldn’t be drinking any of cow or soya milk but rather should be taking breast milk. Pediatricians recommend that infants be feed on dairy based milk formulas as opposed to soy based formulas because of its similarity to breast milk. Soy formulas are also given to babies who are allergic to dairy products or are lactose intolerant.

When the baby is much older and is consuming other foods, it is the choice of the parent to feed him on soy milk or cow milk if in any case they are to be given to the baby

Which milk do you prefer?

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    • giocatore profile image

      giocatore 5 years ago

      I used soy milk for about ten years and recently switched to almond milk. I don't know how it stacks up nutritionally, but the unsweetened stuff I buy is 40 calories per serving, which is going to help me a lot to take off those last few pounds and hit my target weight.

    • debbiepinkston profile image

      Debbie Pinkston 5 years ago from Pereira, Colombia and NW Arkansas

      I've heard that soy milk causes the body to produce more estrogen, or contains estrogen...and that this might be a health hazzard. What do you know about this? My son, 24, drinks soy milk.