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Soybean Tofu How to Prepare Soybean Tofu

Updated on November 4, 2019
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Hello everyone! I am Silverline Odigwe. I'm happy to meet you here. I have been a vegetarian for 31 years. Enjoy yourself!

Soybean Tofu And How To Prepare Soybean Tofu

Soybean Tofu And How To Prepare Soybean Tofu

Soybean Tofu commonly called Tofu is a type of chunk made from the leguminous plant known as soybean. It can be made into different forms and its a very rich source of protein for vegetarians and vegans consumption.
Its being widely recommended today by many doctors worldwide especially in the United states and Asia for both children and adult. With this observation as a very good source of protein, many mothers are now using Soybeans made into milk and shakes as part of their children's meals.

Vegetarians and vegans have also taken Soybean as a source of protein for them in many parts of the world.

In Japan and other parts of Asia Soybean Tofu is widely known and used.
It has been found as one of the most important factors toward the long life span of most people in those countries.
There are also other positive benefits of Soybean which includes the following:

1. The regeneration and repair of body cells which in turn rebuilds the body tissues making a person look younger and healthier.
2. Apart from looking healthier, your skin glows and the dead cells in your body regains their healthy look and you find yourself feeling vibrant.
3. I have known people who go to the toilet with newspapers in their hands to read while waiting to stool due to lack of free bowels. They spend hours in there and come out not able to. They feel the urge to stool but the damaged cells in the body deprives them from having proper excretory system. But with the intake of soybean products all these will become normalized.
I have been a great user of soybeans which I prepare into chunk and use in place of meat. I also use it to prepare other products but for now I am going to explain how to prepare Tofu made from soybean so that it can be helpful to those who really need it.


Ingredients to Prepare Tofu

Ingredients To Prepare Tofu

1. Soybeans the desired quantity let's say 1gram depending on family size
2. Water ( Enough water as you desire its thickness)
3. A little alum dissolved in water in a bowl or lime juice
4. Salt to taste as desired
5. Onions
6. Spices if desired
7. A little groundnut oil

How to Prepare Tofu

How To Prepare Tofu

Preparation method:
1.Pick out the stones and dirty from the soybeans.
2. Soak the soybeans for 4 to 8 hours
3. Grind to a smooth paste and pour 5 litres of water into it.
4. Use a sifter that looks like mesh to filter it.
5. Milk will become extracted and the shaft deposited in another place.
6. Put the milk in a pot and bring to boil.
7. When it has boiled add alum that has been diluted in water into it.
8. It will coagulate.
9. Scoop the coagulated soybeans into a porous bag and tie it up.
10. Press out the water in the bag by placing a heavy object on it. If you have a jack you can use it to compress it.
11. When the water has drained off, bring it out of the bag and use knife to cut it into desired shapes.
12. Put the cut Tofu in a pot, add water, onions, spices and a little oil and bring to boil.
That's it! Your Tofu is ready for use.
You can eat it like that or use it to prepare stew, soup and whatever way you want.



I want to let you know that if you study Soybeans properly, you'll discover that it will help you health wise and your body system will become well maintained and looking better, healthier and more useful to you the owner. There's nothing better than seeing oneself developing in a healthy and happier way. Believe you me it happened to me. At the beginning of my journey as a vegetarian I was desperate to find a rich source of protein when I stopped eating meat and fish and discovered Tofu was the major source of protein for those in the Ashram I was attending. I had to learn it and today I am an easy expert in preparing it?

You can find prepared ones though if you are not strong enough to prepare it yourself and I will put some products here that is made of Soybeans that can equally give you the right body nutrients.


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