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Special Masala Vegetables Uppitu for Breakfast.

Updated on May 28, 2013
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A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

How to make easy Breakfast Uppitu.

In my home my mother used to prepare Uppittu ( South Indian delicacy for breakfast )when ever she found it hard to cook.It was very easy and can be tasty if cooked properly.There are variations in preparing this delicious eat that fills your breakfast stomach.In good old days when it was not possible to prepare present day menu in breakfast like Dosa,Idli and Vada only .Uppittu was the only breakfast that was served to guests who would grace big functions in large numbers.Even Chatni ( a south Indian preparation ) was not served.This is easy and fast and can be prepared and eaten any time of the day or night as a main dish or side dish.If it is a side dish the other dish would be Kesari Bath ( a South Indian Sweet Dish ) that goes well with Upittu.Other items that are served are Bajji and Bonda which needs more time and materials to prepare.In many of the small restaurants in Bangalore Uppittu and Kesari Bath is served as " Kara Bath " also called as " Chow Chow " Bath a popular item for people who .do not like deep oil fried or more oil contained items.Uppittu is a ready made and is an item that is prepared at a fixed time from 7:00 AM up to 9:00 AM only and is not available all the time There are restaurants that make Uppittu so delicious that it gets exhausted no sooner it is prepared and will not be available on holidays till 9:00 AM.

Cook Time

Prep time: 10 min
Cook time: 10 min
Ready in: 20 min
Yields: Serves for 4 persons.


  1. Keep the following items:- 1 - Chiroti Rava - 250 gms 2 - Oil of your Choice - 5 ml 3 - Green Chilies - 3 long pieces cut in to small pieces
  2. 4 - Mustard Seeds - 1 spoon, 5 - Hing - One Pinch.& add salt to taste after item one is done. 6 - Onion - 2 large cut in to pieces length wise.- One Lemon. 7 - Corriander Leaves - for dressing.
  3. 9 - Wok 3 liter capasity. 10 - Gas Burner on low flame after it gets well heated all the time you cook.
  4. Put Wok on high flame for 5 minutes and reduce the it to low flame. Pour Oil and allow it to get heated for a minute add item 4 and when it sputters add cut Onion and fry till it is slightly brown add,
  5. Pour all the contents on a SS plate keep it aside.
  6. Use the same Wok and now pour 2 liters of drinking water let it boil and after it boils start putting item 1 slowly and when all is finished start stirring and when it is soft and turns itself to a ball add salt to taste and squeeze lemon juice 2 or 4 stirrings let the flame be put out on the gas cover the Wok with a plate wait for few minutes and UPITTU is ready to eat HOT HOT.
  7. Many Vegetables can be added as you like to make it more tasty and once you try this you will learn more items in different types and make better UPPITTU than me.

Uppittu with Chatni 2 Types.

Upittu made in Wheat for Diabetics.

Mysore Uppitu for Breakfast.


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