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Spicy orange and grapefruit juice recipe

Updated on December 26, 2016
Spicy orange and grapefruit juice
Spicy orange and grapefruit juice

Spicy orange and grapefruit juice

All citrus fruits contain huge amounts of vitamin C, which helps guard against infection by both bacteria and viruses. They are also a good source of fibre and potassium. In fact, simple fruits like oranges and grapefruit have more medicinal benefits than practically any other food. This juice combines the two with help for the digestion - and slightly dry and spicy flavour - from the cardamom. It's a brilliantly refreshing start to the day.

Cardamom seeds: 1 level teaspoon

Oranges: 4 or 300ml commercial orange juice

Grapefruit: 1 or 200ml commercial grapefruit juice

Crush the cardamom seeds finely / Put into a small cup and just cover with freshly boiled water / Leave to cool completely / Juice the oranges and grapefruit/ Pour the cardamom seeds and water into the juices and serve

Dessert: Don't waste the fruit skins. Scoop out any remaining pith and fill them with orange-flower sorbet.

Alternatively, if you're making home preserves, here's a simple marmalade recipe that uses the same fruits. Weigh the fruit before juicing. Measure how much juice you extract. Put that amount of water into a saucepan with the sliced orange and grape-fruit skins an any pith still attached, plus the juice and sliced skin of a lemon. Scoop any pips out of the juicer, tie up in a muslin bag and add the fruit. For every 450g of whole fruit, add another litre of water. Leave for about 8 hours. Bring to the boil and simmer until the skins are very tender, about one and a half hours. Again for every 450g of whole fruit, add 900g preserving sugar, warmed for 10 minutes in a medium-hot oven. Stir until the sugar is dissolved, then boil until the liquid is reduced by half and the marmalade sets on a cold spoon. Pour into sterilised jars - straight from a hot wash in a dishwasher will do. Each 450g of fruit will give about 1.6kg of marmalade.


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