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Splatter Screens - Frying Pan Splatter Guards and Shields

Updated on February 15, 2012

Frying is one of those cooking activities which is always going to be a messy job. Whether you are frying up bacon, potatoes, eggs, sausages or anything else on the stove you are going to get oil and fat splashing your counters, stovetop and your clothes. Can you stop fats and oil spitting out of the pan? Sure, you need a splatter screen, or splash guard, to keep the spitting oil where it belongs - in the frying pan.

Splatter screens come in a variety of styles to suit different types of cooking and in multiple sizes to fit over different sized pans. There are round, square, dome shaped splash guards and different materials to choose between from stainless steel mesh to silicone splatter shields. There are also splash screens which do not fit over the pan but are designed to make a makeshift barrier between the flying oil and your clothing.

The general idea of splatter shields is the same though, whichever you choose. They are designed to allow steam and hot air to escape whilst keeping the oil and grease in the pan and do so by coving the pan with a ring of fine mesh attached to a stay cool handle. This keeps the oil from spitting at and burning you, staining your clothes and making a mess to clean up later whilst not affecting the cooking itself.

You can buy multi-size sets which include multiple sizes for an affordable price and this is a good way to go if you are unsure of the diameters you will need now, whilst helping to future-proof later purchases.

OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Splatter Screen with Folding Handle
OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Splatter Screen with Folding Handle

Concentric ring design enable the splatter screen to fit multiple pan sizes. No need to buy several different sizes here, just this one will fit all up to 13" in diameter. The folding handle folds up for easy storage.


Choose The Right Cooking Splatter Guards

Choose the style which make the most sense in your personal kitchen. Think about the size of the cookware you will be using them with. It might not be just a frying pan splatter screen you need, especially if you cook up things like pasta sauce in a saucepan for example, as this is also liable to bubble and splash over. So think about the cookware you use most for messy jobs and buy shields to suit their size and style. Frying pans use circular round splash covers whilst square and rectangular guards are used for grills and griddles.

Splatter Guard With Feet

Splatter screens with feet are the smart choice for blocking fats and oils from getting on to your countertops. Now, when you take the guard off the pan and put it aside, it stands on it own feet rather than lying directly on the surface of the counter. The feet prevent the greasy covers from touching your kitchen countertops keeping the oil and fats off the counters which was the reason for using it in the first place!

Cuisipro 13-Inch Splatter Guard
Cuisipro 13-Inch Splatter Guard

Making life easier is what this kitchen utensil is all about. The feet keep the grease and oil from getting all over you counter, the long handle stays cool and fits neatly in your hand and the stainless steel design can go straight in your dishwasher. Nice!


Folding Splatter Shields

All things considered, these covers are actually quite large, being at least the size of the pan they are designed to cover with an additional couple of inches for the handle. Some folding splatter screens feature a foldable handle to cut down on the amount of space they take up in your kitchen. Space saving collapsible splatter guards are nice to have if you have limited space and it enable you to store the utensil easily in a kitchen drawer.

Square Splatter Screens For Griddles and Grill Pans

Round covers are great for pots and frying pans but for square grill pans and rectangular griddles you will need to look for something more suited to the task. Square splash guards are designed for just this task and work in the same way as the rest, they're just square or rectangular, not round. Of course, if they are big enough they will work on round pans too...

Silicone Splatter Shields

Silicone food covers for frying and cooking messy foods are a popular choice compared to stainless steel oil splash screens. Silcone has several advantage over other material types which makes it a popular choice for all kinds of cookware.

One of the main appeals for its use here is that it is both stain resistant, easy to clean, is chemically inert so it will not react with whatever is cooking and it doesn't hold cooking smells. Silcone also cools down quickly which is another big advantage when you are cooking over a high heat.

Microwave Food Covers

It's not only frying which is a messy kitchen task but microwaving food can be pretty messy too. If you cook in one without a microwave splatter cover, you will find yourself regularly cleaning splats and splashes from the inside walls or dealing with a gross mess every time you open it. A microwave splatter guard prevents food from popping and splashing everywhere.


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