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Sprouted Grain Drying | The EZ- Stove Top Water Drying Pan dries sprouted grains, and other items.

Updated on November 12, 2012
Drying Sprouted Grains on the EZ-Stove Top Drying Pan
Drying Sprouted Grains on the EZ-Stove Top Drying Pan
Soaking Wheat Berries on a warm stove top pan to stimulate the sprouting process
Soaking Wheat Berries on a warm stove top pan to stimulate the sprouting process
Sprouted grains are ideal just when they show the outer growth
Sprouted grains are ideal just when they show the outer growth

This old time reproduction water filled drying pan is ideal for drying sprouted grains as well as many other items that are traditionally dried in an oven.

Cottage Craft Works .com has once again reached back into the 1800s to reproduce and bring back to market another functional item in this old time corn drying pan.

The original drying pan was used before other food preserving methods really existed. It was a rather brilliant concept of separating the hot surface of a wood stove from the food to be dried using a layer of water.

The water heats evenly and maintains the entire drying surface without having hot or cold spots or the concern of ever burning the food.

If you have not heard of sprouted grains just a quick Google search will quickly introduce you to why this is such a popular health food concept.

For those who are already purchasing organic grains or the premium organic sprouted grains for making flour and other grain based food products, you will appreciate just how well this old water pan technology works on drying all types of grains and vegetables.

The problem with oven drying is that an oven can’t be adjusted down low enough below 110° degrees to not harm the nutritional benefits. It is also very hard to monitor and stir. On the other hand this stove top drying pan is easy to monitor and stir and maintain the low drying temperatures.

While many use rack type dehydrators to dry grains, they depend on warm air circulation between the racks, which means the grains can’t be loaded on like they can in a drying pan.

The EZ-Stove Top Drying pan is made just like the original design using heavy welded stainless steel in place the original galvanized soldered sheet metal.

Since the galvanized metal eventually broke down and rusted from the inside to the outside causing the pans to eventually leak, these new stainless pans should last for several more decades to come.

The pan can also double as a seed sprouting pan, since heat helps to jump start the sprouting process the grain seeds can be added wet to the pan and covered with cloth or a baking pan can sit into the pan.

The fill hole for the water is sectioned off to prevent from pouring water out on to the pan while filling. It is also the ideal place to stick in an oven thermometer to keep track of the pan temperature.

While the pan was originally designed for wood cook stoves, this new pan only takes about 15 minutes to bring the pan up to temperature using two stove burners. One of these burners will need to be the small simmer burner.

After the temperature is reached this burner on the lowest setting will likely be the only heat you will need to maintain the temp over the entire 4-8 hour drying period.

This reproduction drying pan is an exclusive item of Cottage Craft Works .com


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