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Start drinking JUICE

Updated on August 14, 2011

Start juicing

Juice as a replacement

In my quest to optimize my health, I found a book which was really an old publication that is continuously published, entitled MAKE YOUR JUICER YOUR DRUG STORE by Dr. Laura Newman. This was a subsequent publication to Make Your Garden Your Drug Store.

In this 191 page book, the doctor advocates fresh raw fruit and vegetable juices as nature's lifeline. She states that we must co-operate with nature in keeping our bodies clean and healthy as all the vitamins and minerals are found in fruit, vegetables, nuts, whole grains and sunshine. I am sharing this with you as I found great benefits in some of the juice recipes that were also included in this book.

Here is a caloric chart along with a sample of juice combinations:


Beet/ 220

  1. Carrot/ 217

Celery/ 89

Cucumber/ 84

Romaine Lettuce/ 94

Parsley/ 283

Spinach/ 115

Tomato/ 112

Watercress/ 109

Apple/ 250

Coconut/ 700

Grape/ 462

Grapefruit/ 200

Lemon/ 210

Orange/ 265

Pineapple/ 207

Juice combinations that really helped me with my overall health due to inflammation from RA also keeping my blood pressure down:

Carrot, Celery, Beet

Carrot, Celery, Apple


Coconut, Lemon ♥


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