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State Fair Like Candy Apples

Updated on October 13, 2009
Yummy Apples
Yummy Apples

Candy Apples Recipe

15 Small Apples

2 cups of white sugar

1 cup light corn syrup

1 1/2 cups water

8 drops red food coloring

Cinnamon Oil


Make sure your apples are clean and free from wax and dirt otherwise the candy wont stick to your apples.

Insert your popsicle sticks into your clean stemmed apples.

In medium saucepan on medium low heat, heat your sugar,corn syrup and water to a low boil. Heat to a 300-310 degrees or until when dropped into a glass of water it forms a string like. remove from heat and add the food coloring and the cinnamon oil and stir well. Keep on low heat while dipping apples to keep the sugar candy mix pliable. Place on wax paper to allow to cool.  If you want you can always add sprinkles or peanuts to the apples. Do this right after you remove the apple from the sugar mix and sprinkle nuts or sprinkles over the apples and set on the wax paper.

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    • profile image

      Paul Gordon 8 years ago

      I've got to try this one. It sounds great and easy.