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Steak and Pepper Kabobs Recipe: How to cook on a cast iron skillet

Updated on November 5, 2011
Steak and pepper kabobs. Colorful and healthy.
Steak and pepper kabobs. Colorful and healthy. | Source

How to make steak and pepper kabobs

Making steak and pepper kabobs on the grill or in your oven's broiler can make a delicious dinner and side dish at the same time. Bell peppers add color and flavor to the meal.

2 10 oz. steaks (Sirloin, cut into 2x2 in. chunks)

2 bell peppers (cut into 2x2 chunks)

After the steak is chunked, salt it generously with course grain salt. Or, better yet, sink it in your best marinade overnight.

Then, stab them onto skewers. Some people like to alternate–steak,pepper,steak. Everything will cook better if you put steak with steak and peppers with peppers. Steak and peppers have different cooking times and to put them together is just asking for uneven cooking.

Put the kabobs on a hot grill and cook until done. Cook the peppers until they are black around the edges and tender in the middle. Cook the steak to your liking, but be warned that if they are crowded on the kabob the centers will cook slowly. For best results, leave a little air between each piece.

Choosing Kabobs

At the grocery store you might find more than one choice of kabob.

All grocery stores will have the wooden or bamboo kind that come in large bags of 20-100. These get the job done, but can burn and can't be reused. Worse, they are round which makes turning the kabob a nightmare of fumbling.

Some stores will carry round metal ones which conduct heat and can be reused, but they suffer from the same geometric challenges as their wooden counterparts.

The best kabobs are rectangular metal ones. They are reusable, dishwasher safe, and easy to handle on the grill, as long as you aren't using your bare hands.


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