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Steak of the Month Club Reviews – Getting the Best Steak Club

Updated on August 30, 2010

Many people have enjoyed the mouth-watering quality of this Entrée of the Month Dinner Plan, which provides an incredible value with Filet Mignon, NY Strip Steaks and more.

A steak of the month club is a great way to treat you and your family to a tender juicy treat.  These steak clubs are also a favorite gift as it’s an easy way to provide a little bit of indulgence to someone and really who doesn’t like steak?  (except maybe vegetarians but that should be pretty obvious if you know the person at all).  With the popularity of getting a steak of the month as a gift there have been more and more of these clubs popping up all over the internet.  This can make finding the best steak club difficult as many of the options are very similar.  With a little online research and some helpful tips from this article you will easily find a monthly steak club that will fit your needs and your budget. 

It used to be that the only player in the mail order steak club was Omaha Steaks.  You would get flyers in the mail, in with your phone bill, just about any other direct mail marketing opportunity you would find Omaha Steaks pamphlet or brochure.  This company has been delivering steaks for years and have a terrific brand going.  Having received several of their mail order steaks, I can personally say that they have a great product and good thing going.  But this isn’t the cheapest steak of the month club by any means and numerous other online steak clubs have been popping up offering various deals on steaks. 

So how do you choose?  It’s easy to get frustrated and just go with the first thing you see or even the first one you recognize (like Omaha Steaks).  And this may be fine if you’re not serious about getting the best steak of the month club.  But even if you’re giving this as a gift, you should care a little bit about the product you’re sending them.  You may even be tempted to just go with the cheapest steak of the month club you can find.  This is definitely a bad idea because even though there are some deals to be had and these clubs mostly provide great value, you’ll find that you get what you pay for and with just a little bit of research you’ll find something that’s perfect.

All of the steak of the month clubs will offer some variation of different cuts and different quantities.  If you have a preference of what type of cut you want for your steak of the month club you’ll want to make that a top priority.  There are plenty of steak clubs that will offer packages that will have something delicious like a filet mignon or a NY strip steak only to package it with something like beef tips or sirloin burgers.  And while there’s nothing really wrong with these cuts (all meat has a place in my book) it does dilute the value so it may be worth spending an extra couple of bucks for the cuts you want. 

Some companies have expanded on the idea and created a meat of the month club.  These clubs will pick exotic and different types of meat to be included with the steaks.  They often include meats like crab, lobster, kobe beef, authentic sausage and more.  These can be a great way to introduce some variety into steak club membership.  These will cost a little extra than the basic steak package but is easily comparable to supermarket prices and they show up on your door step!

For people with religious meet requirements, many companies nowadays are offering kosher meat of the month clubs as well as halal meat of the month clubs.  These packages meet the requirements of their respective religious beliefs and are a great way to get handpicked, delicious meats conveniently delivered to you.

No matter what steak of the month club you choose remember that it’s hard to go wrong.  Many of these companies have been picking the best cuts for years and providing quality service so you’ll be happy with your purchase.  Each of these packages are shipped in disposable Styrofoam coolers and packed with dry ice so there is very little concern about spoilage.  The biggest issue is to make sure you get them in the freezer soon after you get home.  If you want to find the best prices on steak of the month clubs you’ll want to do some research online.  Like I said, many of the advertised online retailers have been doing this for years and have packages that are just right for most people.  As with most things in life doing just a little bit of research will go a long way in getting the perfect steak of the month membership and you’ll find you’ll be reordering often.

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