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Stock the Bar for the Holidays

Updated on November 25, 2008

Make a Merri Christi with Christiana Vodka

Are you looking for a holiday gift idea that will be appreciated by the lucky people on your shopping list? If you have friends who enjoy cocktails, why not consider giving one or more items to help stock their bar?

When you give the gift of top quality liquor, mixers, wine, or other bar supplies, you'll be providing the recipients with something they can enjoy on their own or share with guests who stop by during the holiday season.

Most people who enjoy cocktails have a favorite brand, or a few special favorites. Many people prefer a particularly high end liquor, but choose to purchase less pricey items for use in their home bars.

Why not direct your holiday gift budget toward purchasing the high end spirits that the people you care about the most will truly enjoy? After all, isn't holiday gift giving about bringing smiles to the faces of friends and relatives with goodies they want, but might not purchase for themselves?

Enjoy a Herradura Reposado Tequila Gift Set

Holiday Gift Sets

During the holidays, it's often possible to find special gift giving packages that include interesting extras that aren't available at other times of the year. Many liquor companies package shot glasses, highball glasses, coasters, and other attractive novelty items along with items that make popular holiday gift choices. Visit your local liquor store to find out what types of special stock the bar holiday packages might be available.

Custom Holiday Packages

If you don't see a pre-packaged holiday gift set that is just right for each person on your shopping list, consider putting together custom holiday packages. When you chose this route, your gift giving options are limited only by your imagination (and of course, your budget).

Martini Gift Set Idea - If you have a friend who loves martinis create a unique martini set. Consider including a bottle of Christiania vodka or high quality gin (depending on personal preference) with a set of martini glasses, a martini shaker, and a bottle of gourmet olives. If your friend prefers sweet margaritas, change the olives for a bottle of apple liqueur (for appletinis) or other favorite flavoring.

Margarita Gift Set Idea -- Maybe someone on your list is a fan of margaritas. Consider creating a special package that includes Herradura Silver or Herradura Reposado tequila along with triple sec, margarita mix, and margarita glasses. You can even throw in a container of margarita salt and possibly a package of tequila lime tortilla chips.

Get Creative – No matter what kinds of cocktails the people on your list enjoy, it'll be easy and fun for you to put together a creative and custom gift set for them this holiday season.


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