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Strange Canned Foods

Updated on November 29, 2011

Reindeer pate

Fish mouths for my soup

Cheeseburger & my whole chicken

Bird's Nest Drink

Crickets, scoripons & silk worm toppings

In today's hurried world, a home cooked meal is hard to find. Families very rarely sit down together to eat anymore. The oven and stove have been replaced with the microwave.

Not only has the method of cooking changed, but the packaging of food as well. Everything comes either frozen or canned.

It's the canned things that we are interested in today. I'm not talking about vegetables or tuna fish. I'm talking about some pretty wild stuff here.

So with Thanksgiving less then a month away, I'm going to help you prepare your menu.Everything comes from a can.

Naturally we will begin with the appetizer. How about some Reindeer pate with crackers. Read the can. A "farm raised relative of Rudolph". Has to be top of the line.

Second course will be soup. I've thought long and hard and have decided on Fish mouth soup. Just look at it. Tell me this soup will not have some bite!

The main course is a bit tougher. I'll give you two choices. Chicken or a cheeseburger. Both look scrumptious.

The drink of the day will be Bird's Nest drink. Have no clue what it is, but it goes with the menu.

Desert, you ask? Ice cream. Yes, it doesn't come in a can, but the toppings do. You have the choice of roasted crickets, scorpions or Silk worms. Hey live it up, use all three!

So now that I've given you ideas for your Thanksgiving table, why not thank me. How? Don't invite me over on Thanksgiving. I'll plan the menu, but I'm not eating!

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