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Strange Dutch food and food habits

Updated on September 1, 2013

Being new to a place has its perks and drawbacks. While a new environment allows you to learn new things, it also lets you discover weird stuffs. The most common complain you hear from someone new to a place is about food. Different countries have their own cuisines and food habits which they enjoy themselves but at times may creep others out. Food we find tasteful may gross our partners. Eating habits we do may disgust our friends. I learn it hard way when I decided to follow the MBA program that was cheaper than in my own country and move to Holland, now I enjoy the MBA school but the food is so different.

In this article, I’ll be sharing about Dutch food and food habits that others may find strange:

  • Pancakes with pizza toppings. When we think about pancakes, we usually associate them with butter or honey, but not in Holland. Their pancakes are usually incorporated with pizza toppings such as ham, cheese, bacon or anything in your mind when you think about pizza.
  • Meatballs in soup. Meatballs are added in almost every soup in Holland may it be soups for vegetarians. They even have soepballetjes, which are mini soup meatballs which you can buy in grocery stores for home-made soups.

Hagelslag: the Dutch sprinkles
Hagelslag: the Dutch sprinkles | Source
  • Hagelslag. These are their own version of hundreds and thousands or sprinkles. They are known to be used as decorations and sprinkles on cupcakes, ice creams and yogurts. However, the Dutch like them as toppings for breads. It is considered an essential item in every pantry.
  • Tomato sauce on toasted sandwich. Many would find this odd. Mostly, toasted sandwiches are stuffed with cheese, ham and lettuce but not with tomato sauce alone.

Liverwurst: liver sausage
Liverwurst: liver sausage | Source
  • Liverwurst or leberwurst. Also known as liver sausage, liverwurst, is a sausage typically made of ground liver and pork flavored with a variety of spices. It can also be made as a spread.

Want to know more strange Dutch food and food habits? Visit the Insego website, a cool website where expats share their experience about life in the Netherlands. I love the Insego community.


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  • dutchdineandshop profile image

    dutchdineandshop 5 years ago

    Thanks @rjsadowski for dropping by. I'll be posting more in the future. Keep posted! :)

  • rjsadowski profile image

    rjsadowski 5 years ago

    I enjoy learning about food from other countries. Thanks.