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Strange Yet Delicious Sandwich Recipes

Updated on October 2, 2011

kitchen experiments

Ever since I was a young thing, I've always enjoyed experimenting in the kitchen and every once in a while I've run into some mixtures that are so darn good I feel the need to share them. And since I so enjoy writing on hubpages, I thought it would be a good place to share my findings with you. I mean, why not mix two good things together?

This recipe is simple and easy to make. It is simply a sandwich, though it is the sauce that makes it such an especially sweet ordeal. Though I do recommend following along with the rest of the ingredients as well, I'm not going to suggest you couldn't try experimenting with other items as well.

I call this recipe the "Sweet and Spicy Baby Sandwich"

Sweet and Spicy Baby Sandwich Ingedients

Sauce Ingredients:

  • Roasted Red Pepper & Tomato Soup
  • Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ Sauce
  • Chipotle Mayonnaise
  • Honey Mustard

Sandwich Ingredients:

  • Two Pieces of Country Harvest White Potato Bread
  • Two Slices of Sliced Cheddar Cheese
  • Six Pieces of Sliced Turkey Breast
  • 1/2 Cup of Special Sauce

Step 1: Mix That Sauce!

You can use a regular serving bowl to mix your sauce in, as you don't need very much (unless you like to have it prepared in advance).

Take out your sweet baby ray's BBQ, chipotle mayo, honey mustard and roasted red pepper & tomato soup. Add equal parts of each condiment into the bowl, then stir it all together until you have a thick yet soup paste.

Step 2: Some Assembly Required

Dress each piece of your bread in your freshly mixed sauce, slap some cheese on one half, then your sliced turkey and then finish it off by placing the two halves together.

Step 3: Eat and be Amazed

I found this sandwich to be a taste explosion of various different flavors and textures, which is something I love. Though I wills say that if you're not one for spicy things, this sandwich might not be for you. Though I don't want to discourage you to try it, you never know when you might have found that one spicy thing that you can enjoy.


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