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Strawberries have more Vitamin C than an Orange

Updated on April 12, 2012


How does a single strawberry have more Vitamin C than an orange? It's simple, they are just packed with vitamin C that help with your immune system.

A strawberry is a berry that grows in a bush. It is red in color and bursts with flavor. It is very simple to grow and it appears quick during the spring season.

When buying strawberries look for a berry that is very plump and has a very shinny look to it. Also if you buy smaller ones they have more flavor to them. Make sure not to wash them if you are not going to eat them because water can ruin the strawberry. So, wash them right before you eat them.

Strawberries are a great source of antioxidants, vitamin c, they help prevent cancers, help lower bad cholesterol, and help your eyes.

Some of the nutrients in strawberries:

32 calories

7.7 g Carbs

0.7 g protein

2 g fiber

24 mcg folate

153 mg potassium

59 mg Vitamin C

26 mcg Lutein

The amount of Vitamin C in strawberries meets the daily needed amount.

Vitmain C helps with:

Wound healing

Boosts immune system

Strengthens blood vessels

Helps with absorption of iron

Strawberries are great in yogurts, smoothies, cakes, pies, oatmeal, and just plain by themselves. I usually make an amazing strawberry fruit salad. You cut up strawberries, bananas, kiwi, and oranges. Then add a little bit of lemon juice and you are set to eat.


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