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Street Food in Bangalore from Bihar,

Updated on February 8, 2013
skgrao profile image

A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

Call Mobile Number 98167 93164 for HOME DELEVARY.

Street Eating is good old BOMBAY fashion,AHMEDABAD Tradition,BIHAR Culture.AND A MESS in Bangalore.

There is no rule in Bangalore which says you should have a clean and hygeanic food eatery.Any body can with the help of a local mafia's support can start a food stall any time of the evening by payment of Rs.1000 per month to the local mafia.Our mafia leader I am told is a muslim called as BULLET BABA who rides a ROYAL ENFIELD 3.5 Mobike.The condition is you have to park your ready to eat food on a trolly in a particulor place only.

There are 3 wheeler auto ricksha's converted to a mini restaurent kitchen complete with all the required items of eats fresh from pan or boiling oil or steam cooked depending on the item.It is IDLI which is only on steam ( In Bombay they used to fry Idl's in oil and call it as Idli Sandwhich) that was long ago when I was there.The Vada,Bhajji and Bonda is fried in batches alternately and as and when it gets exasted the next batch is taken.Gobi Manchuri is made to order on frying pans and served hot.The only non veg item is only one in a batch serving boiled egg or fresh omlette as ordered.They all pack up and go once their items get exasted for the day.

They are not seen till 6 PM next day.They will be busy preparing all the basic preparations for making their menu for which they are famous.The fellow who makes Gobimanchuri will not make any other items which his counterparts prepare and they in turn do the same.This is well understood even to the place where they have to stand.The Idli.sambar,Vada Chatni fellow will not stand in the place others stand and no one will stand in his place.

There are 15 to 20 stalls that are put up in this marked place and no one can come here with out the sanction of Bullet Babu.He controls over 100 or up to 500 stalls in the area which is his zone there is a border also which he cannot cross.The next after his border is another Baba or what they call as Mastan or by some other name like Anna or Guru etc.

Our Minister of Food Processing must have seen such a stall or heard about it.

It is now understood that in any open area this is going to be set up by the Govt itself and will be known as FOOD STREET a copy from a EU country.Soon Bangalore can see how such resturants like food courts or food streets are set up.They will be with in the juridiction of the local politicians and his men will be the local unemployed youth.

The Chairman of the Task Force ( Food ) South Zone says there is a shortage of cold storage units and food processing industry so his great plan learnt from our street boys to plan it at national level and save wastage of food and bring down the inflation.He says that 25% incentive will be given by Govt of India to the state which sets up Eating on the street Zone called FOOD STREETS.There goes crores of money to the pockets of the rich politicians.

A few days back one state has purchased crores of worth computers to educate school children but they were never used for years as there was no power.Similorly food streets will come up and there will be no power or water and all will be shut down if there is no planning.Lets hope there will be good planning and good cheap food for those who stay all alone in Bangalore studying or working who cannot afford the desi food joints called as SAGAR,NEW SAGAR,SHANTHI SAGAR or NEW SHANTHI SAGAR darshini type which means you pay before you eat.The practice is to eat first and pay after.


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    • Rudra profile image

      Rudra 7 years ago

      I guess there are lot of people from Bihar in South India.

    • profile image

      Arijit Roy Chowdhury 7 years ago

      Bangalore street food is just YUCKKKKKSSSSS!!!! people who like the street food in Bangalore should visit Kolkata and then comment here. You will never feel like returning to Bangalore if u get the taste of Kolkata’s street food. Moreover its so damn expensive. A dinner would cost nothing less than a hundred rupees… The case is different for those who are satisfied just with a dosa or idlis… yucks…. how can someone have idlis and dosas on the streets of Bangalore and boast that the street food here is good? There is just no variety or options here…..

      I am a bachelor living in Bangalore since the past 6 years and every night i am in a dilemma what to have for dinner that would be good to my tongue as well as my pocket….

      Yes you will definitely get good mouthwatering food in restaurants... no doubt about that... but that cannot be a daily option as it will drain our pockets like anything.... An ordinary human being cant afford to spend 150 - 200 rupees daily for each tasty meal everyday.... Its impossible to satisfy bot one’s tongue and pocket in bangalore… i just hate it….

      And regarding Bihar, the food there too is just awesome... People confined to Bangalore.... "There is a world outside Bangalore as well" As a matter of fact, "BANGALORE HAS THE WORST STREET FOOD I HAVE EVER HAD IN MY LIFE"

    • skgrao profile image

      S K G Rao. 7 years ago from Bangalore City - INDIA.

      Dear justposting,

      ( This unhealthy foods or this unhealthy food culture comes from Bihar.?)

      It is not unhealthy nor unhealthy culture but it is unhygienic good food served by many Bihari people,who have come along with other from north India in Bangalore.If you do not want the word Bihar I will say sorry and remove the word.

    • profile image

      jsutposting 7 years ago

      Interesting, but why this title containing from Bihar. Did you mean that all this unhealthy foods or this unhealthy food culture comes from Bihar?

    • CYBERSUPE profile image

      CYBERSUPE 7 years ago from MALVERN, PENNSYLVANIA, U.S.A.

      Very interesting and informative hub. Thanks for sharing this important story.


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