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Stuffed Chicken Breasts Easy! Tasty!

Updated on April 23, 2020
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Susan Hershberger,B.A and a M.S, and retired VP from Commercial Real Estate and University of New Mexico educator.



Chicken Breast Preperation

.I had a whole bag of choice frozen chicken breasts from Costco-What to do to make them savory and well, DIFFERENT.


* 3 large thick chicken breasts......split 3/4 of the way through (by me)

* Irish Butter Cheese sticks (You can substitute your favorite cheese or what you have on hand)

* Butter (and ghee for the finish...not shown here)

* 2 cans of mushrooms (Use more if you LOVE mushrooms)

* Penzey's* granulated onions

* Penzey's* Minced garlic

*Salt & Pepper

*Penzy's are my go to spices, They are top quality. However, use what you have on hand.

HOW TO BUY Penzey's I'd go to their website. Or if you are lucky you have an actual Penzeys store in your town!

Preparation includes setting up all these ingredients on your counter.


Sauteeing Mushrooms in Butter



Drain the canned mushrooms OR clean and slice the fresh kind.

Place in the skillet with about 2 Tablespoons of butter. Sauté until smells good and mushrooms are beginning to get a bit brown.

Set aside

This was done during the Social Distancing days of April 2020. I had canned mushrooms. They are from Costco not that you MUST use those. Some people want to know....


Prep Bake Finish EAT

Once the mushrooms are cooled.

Slip a stick of cheese in the middle. I used an Irish Butter Cheese. I think nearly any white milder cheese would be good

Add the mushrooms.

Close and hold with toothpicks.

Place the extra mushrooms in the pan This pan already has the left over butter and ghee in it. You do NOT need ghee; You can use butter.

Bake at 400 degrees for about 30 minutes

I am BIG on checking the internal temperature of meats. Over cooking makes things dry. Chicken Breasts are dry, why chance it!


They will be pasty white right now. I am BIG on reverse browning. I think if you try to brown them first, all the filling will roll right out!

Turn on the oven broiler and move the pan to right under the broiler. STAY RIGHT there and turn the pan as the breasts brown up.

Jazz It Up!

So, I had a butter sauce with mushrooms to put on the plated Chicken Breasts.

BUT I think it would be good with a nice Italian style Cheese stuffing and a Pasta Sauce over it at the end.

How about a nice Mexican Queso with a green sauce (tomatillo or green chiles) on it.

Yep. An easy recipe that can be jazzed up many different ways

COVID 19 Cooking Social Distancing

So, I feel like I've cooked 94 evening meals in April alone!

I am getting tired of my own cooking. And yet, I do like the challenge of using the ingredients I have on hand. Once I get over the annoyance of NOT having the ingredients I want! LOL.

The cast iron skillet is over a 100 years old and from my Grandmother. My Mom then used it and now I have it. I find it to be the greatest mutli-use pan that I own.

It makes the best eggs and bacon ever.

I DO wash the cast iron skillet after recipes like this. I live in the Sonoran Desert so we do not worry too much about the skillet not drying well and rusting. When I lived in the Midwest I would slip it in the oven after washing it.

I also love my bacon grease keeper. It sits on the counter. The grease will stay good for quite awhile. How to tell if it is still usable? Sniff test. Smell the grease when fresh. Smell the grease when you use it. Fresh smells good. Old smells funky.

Let me know how this recipe worked for you.


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