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Buying a Stylish Wine Cooler for Your Home

Updated on June 16, 2011

Do you have wine stacked and stuffed in your fridge at home? If so, then you are definetly in need of a wine cooler. Having proper wine storage is necessary to keep the wine at its peak flavor.

You may only be a casual drinker but... if you're a wine connoisseur then you will most definitely want to enjoy your favorite wines at the perfect temperature.

It can really be easier than you think as long as you follow some simple steps. Finding a stylish wine cooler for your home is the first step to storing your wine.

Storing your collection of wines or even having wines that you want to age can be easy using a wine cooler. They work really well for both long-term storage as well as everyday use.

Being able to control the humidity and temperature and the ability to store the bottles on their side will help prevent the corks from drying out.

Depending on what type of wine you are storing, you will want a wine cooler that allows you adjust the temperature.

Some of the better coolers even have multiple temperature zones to accommodate the storage of both your red and white wines.

Wine Storage Basics

There are other options for wine storage but regardless of how you decide to store it, there are some basics you need to consider.

  • Since wine reacts poorly to drastic fluctuations in temperature, it is really not a good idea to store it in your everyday fridge.
  • Storing wine bottles on their side will help keep the corks moist. Otherwise if left standing upright, corks dry out and allows air to seep in around the cork. Before long, you end up with an expensive bottle of vinegar, (not good.) So just make sure whatever type of wine storage you choose, the racks allow the bottles to be stored on their side.
  • Controlling the humidity is one issue that is often overlooked but is very important. Once again if it is not humid enough, the corks dry out. On the flip side if the humidity is too high, you risk the labels sliding off the bottles. Most wine coolers maintain the proper humidity for wine storage.

One thing you need to consider when buying a wine cooler for your home is how many bottles will you want to store. There are many free standing wine coolers that are both stylish and affordable that hold anywhere from a dozen bottles to just over a hundred bottles of various wines.

Knowing where you are going to locate your cooler will help in your decision of the style and capacity as well. One of the key benefits to this type of cooler is convenience. You also want to keep in mind that free-standing wine coolers tend to be less expensive than built-ins.

With so many wine coolers to choose from, how do you choose the right one? Of course budget is a huge consideration for most but once you have that out of way it goes to capacity, available space for the cooler and of course the features of each unit. Hopefully these tips will help when buying a stylish wine cooler for your home!

Do You Have a Wine Cooler?

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