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Success Rice: Bag Key Advantages

Updated on May 16, 2011

Success Rice

Success Rice family pack comes in both White Rice and Brown Rice.
Success Rice family pack comes in both White Rice and Brown Rice.

Cooking Rice can be Simple!

Its 5:30pm again and you have to cook dinner for your family of four. Your on a tight schedule, doing laudatory and trying to clean up the living room at the same time as your little one is yelling "Im hungry." So this is what you do, you pop the chicken nuggets on a plate and throw them in the microwave, throw a can of green beans on the stove and carelessly measure water out and throw a cup of rice in the pan as you pace down stairs to do change the laundry. When you return the microwave stopped, the beans are steaming but what about that rice? Oh boy, you burnt it because all the water evaporated! Now both your 7 year old and your husband are groaning for food as you explode and yell "Shut Up it will be another 8 minutes!!!" Thats disappointing. But there is an easier way to cook rice.

Enter Success Rice

Perfect edible rice every-time you cook it? No way can that be possible. Well now theres a solution! (Does it sound like an infomercial yet?) Success Rice, the perfect everytime (unless you attempt to mess it up) Rice! Success rice is measured rice in little bags that you simple put into boiling water, wait 10 minutes, strain, and cut open the bag and ta-da! Rice is ready. That was almost effortless wasn't it?

Advantages of Success Rice

Now lets have an almost effortless list to read of the benefits. God I wish life was as easy as this!

  • Perfect Rice everytime!
  • Done in 10 minutes
  • No measuring
  • Not gummy
  • Can be microwaved or stove top cooked

Disadvantages of Success Rice

Now as a self user (eater, cooker, preparer) of success rice, I don't want to list the disadvantages but by not doing so I leave a bias type of view that some people would agree being ignorant. So these are the main concerns of using Success Rice...

  • Costs more then a large bag of rice
  • Have to cook by bag amount, not overall volume Example:have to cook 2 bags instead of 1 and a half
  • Bags are hard to open without scissors
  • Most stove top pans can only cook 2-3 bags at once


Success Rice is optimal if you want perfect, not gummy, quick rice every meal. If its worth a little more money to get it right the first time this is the best option out there. I've seen and tried an off-brand version of success rice and it came out horrible, go with the name brand. (Yeah, I know I really said Ricelusion.) Hopefully your cooking explorations are successful just like this rice. You can find some tasty Success Rice Recipes here:


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