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Such Delicious Food.

Updated on June 30, 2014

I sometimes am puzzled by peoples reaction of disgust when they find out about a peculiar ingredient in their favorite food.

Sure, if you let you mind dwell on the source of that ingredient and let your irrational thoughts run out of control, consuming certain foods with unique ingredients can be repugnant.

Artificial vanilla, strawberry and raspberry flavoring ingredients come partially from castoreum which is derived from the castor sacs near the anus of a beaver. Due to its proximity the secretions from the pineal (castor) gland may also contain a bit of urine and anal secretions. It is a yellowish-brown substance with a strong musky odor. The FDA classifies this as a natural flavoring. So when you are enjoying your next refreshing bottle of ice cold raspberry ice tea and happen to glance at the label to happily find it is made from “natural” ingredients, now you know.

Some delicious red, purple, or pink colored fruit punch or juice along with yogurt, ice cream and candy contain an “artificial” food coloring that give it the rich, enticing color. This coloring is probably made from Caramine or cochineal. The cariminic acid is the useful ingredient in this substance which is derived by boiling crushed and dried beetles. This is also used in lipstick, makeup and paint. So when you are enjoying your next heaping bowl of “Very Berry” ice cream, now you know.

Xanthan Gum is a common food modifier, and emulsifier, used to enhance the viscosity of certain food to give them a rich, creamy texture. Salad dressings, mayonnaise, pudding, milk shakes, jams, and baked goods to name a few, use this handy ingredient. It is made from a bacteria similar to that found in rotting vegetables. So next time you are enjoying that sweet, creamy milk shake or that delicious jelly filled donut, now you know.

The list goes on: Gelatin made from bones and skin is use to may those delicious little candy treats like Gummy Bears and marshmallow Peeps. Carrageenan is derived from seaweed and used in ice cream, toothpaste, yogurt and sour cream. If you research the ingredients found on labels of your favorite foods, you may find them repulsive and resort to eating only “natural” food.

But wait….as repulsive, repugnant and revolting as some of those ingredients may seem, think about what you eat and where it came from. Last Saturday morning I enjoyed a breakfast of unfertilized bird embryos, scrambled, the fat and muscle issue from the belly of a pig, fried in the fat of that animal, tubers that where grown in animal manure and dirt then sliced and fired, and a fine baked dough made from pounded grass seeds, water and a microscopic fungus.

Relax…don’t obsesses about every food ingredient, most are safe, and savor every last drop of your beaver ass juice.


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