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Super Bowl Snackdown - Top 5 Must-Haves for Your Super Bowl Party

Updated on January 22, 2020

I’m not much of a football fan, but I love a good party. I’ll take any excuse to have my buddies over for some laughs and some good eats. I’ve compiled my 5 must-have snacks for a great Super Bowl party or any party.

1) A Great Dip

Hot or cold you’ve got to provide a sidekick for all those bowls of salty goodness. Dips also help fill people up and slow down the mindless handfuls we’re all guilty of when sitting in front of the tube. If you don’t have a recipe you love, you can find tubs of great dips all over the grocery store. Or you can unbox that crockpot you got as a housewarming gift and some melty, cheesy, goodness will be available the whole evening.

2) Meat!

Bring on the meats! This party’s going to be going on for at least 5 hours. To keep your crowd tame and satiated, you’re going to need something substantial and mini quiche just won’t do. Here’s the chance to show off your awesome chili making skills or that fantastic wing sauce you’ve perfected over the years. No culinary skills? A giant sub is always appreciated and an easy addition to your grocery list. Most grocery stores or sandwich shops will create a delicious platter for you, with only a day’s notice.

3) Veggie Time

There are an estimated 1.6 million people in the US that are into plants these days. So just days after the world-wide celebration of Veganuary, (Vegan January) a veggie platter just won’t do for the big game. Ask your veggie friends to bring something to share, but surprise them with some treats they’re not expecting. A cold pasta salad (non-dairy dressing please) is filling and delicious. Grilled veggies are super easy if you’re firing up the barbecue and can be served room temperature. Load up on hummus and guacamole. Just be sure there are plenty of non-cheesy chips for dipping. Speaking of chips...

4) Savory and Sweet

Ahh, snack time. Bags of salty goodness await. You can never have too many bags for your party and encourage your guests to bring their favorite. Leftovers just mean another party on the horizon. Don’t be afraid to get a little fancy with fresh bites like olives, cheeses, and bacon-wrapped… well, anything. Round out your list with sweet treats like brownies, cookies or a massive bowl of the Halloween candy you hid in the freezer.

5) Liquid Refreshment

You didn’t think I’d forgotten the king of party must-haves did you? Drinks are infinitely important to a party and set the tone of your event. For the Super Bowl - beer is king. Lots and lots of beer. You don’t want to run out in the middle. Choose one domestic and one imported. Much like the snacks, have your friends bring the rest. They can share a 6 pack of their favorite cold brew or they may opt for a few great bottles of wine. You’ll want to load up on ice and soda. As for a trendy signature drink - keep it neutral. This is not the time for pink champagne cocktails. Surprise your guests with a drink that has a bourbon or whiskey base and no more than three additions. If you can make a big pitcher or punchbowl for the start of the party do so. Keep the ingredients close by and someone will do the refills. After the first few rounds, it’s going to taste great if the recipe is followed or not.

There you have it. All you need for a great party. Don’t stress yourself out. People love to help out and are happy to bring something or keep an eye on empty bowls for you. Enjoy the game and your guests. Go, team! Now, who’s playing?

© 2020 CM Clark


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