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Super Secret Chocolate Brownie Heath Surprise

Updated on March 25, 2012

Not so Secret now is it?

I used to tell people I'd have to kill them if I told how to make this... It wasn't very convincing. I ended up telling anyway! Lol

This dessert is so simple.

If you have children:

Have your children help you if you want (supervise them, the oven and brownies are hot).

There are also a lot of variations. I'll tell you the original recipe then tell you how to change it up.


From the store:
2 Large boxes instant chocolate pudding
1 large container of whipped topping
1 bag of Heath bits (the non chocolate covered or chocolate covered is up to you)
1 Heath bar crushed into little pieces
1 box of the family 13x9 brownie mix
eggs and oil for the brownies
Milk for the pudding (or lactose free stuff if you can't have milk)

Non-Edibles You'll need:
mixer, or arm powered mixer (i.e. a big spoon)
1 large trifle dish (pictured), or a bowl. Trust me it all eats the same ^_~
1 big spoon (to help you dole out the pudding into the dish)
1 plastic spatula, or another spoon for the whipped topping

Super Secret Chocolate Brownie Heath Surprise
Super Secret Chocolate Brownie Heath Surprise

Getting started:

Get your Heath bits, or candy bar, into the fridge as soon as you get home from the store. Set your whipped topping out to thaw if its in the freezer. (put it in the fridge if its going to be a while)

Now the awesome stuff...

Make the brownies first!

Make the brownies by the directions on the box.

fudgie or cake-like is up to you. Personally I like the fudgie.

I mix my brownies with a whisk. You do not have to, but I notice it makes them nice and fluffy where they count.

You want the brownies to be reletively cool before assembling this dessert. So make them first so you're not standing there twiddling your thumbs waiting for them to cool and everything else is setting up, and not waiting for you.


After the brownies are out of the oven, cooling for at least 15 minutes, start getting your items together to make the pudding.

Its all about the Pudding...

Here's a nice hint. Use cold utensils and bowls. I put my whisk, and mixing bowl in the fridge or freezer while the brownies are baking.

The trick to this is to whisk the pudding quickly.

If you do not have a whisk, just stir as fast as you can until the pudding starts to thicken a little.

Use the pie filling directions off the side of the box.

Assembling the goodness:

Do not put the pudding in the fridge unless you can't assemble the dessert right now. You do not want it to set up totally yet.

Cut your brownies like you would if you were serving them by themselves (makes it easier to handle). Take one at a time loosely crumbling it into your trifle dish (or bowl) until you can not see the bottom. Should take 3-5 brownies depending on how big your dish is.

Take a spoon and cover the layer of brownie with a generous amount of pudding (not too much) spread it around with your spoon until you can not see the layer of brownie.

Now, cover all of pudding with a generous amount of whipped topping.

Sprinkle a handful of heath over the whipped topping.

Lather. Rinse. Repeat...

No? Oh, I'm sorry... wrong article...

Repeat all the steps above. Brownie, pudding, whipped topping, heath, until you either run out, or hit the top of your dish, try to end it on the whipped topping and heath.

We put the brownie down, Then, the pudding so the pudding seeps down into the brownie and keeps it super moist.

Now what to do...

Place in refrigerator for at least an hour, or until after dinner, whichever is longest.

Let me know how this turned out for you in the comments below ^_^

Good luck... and go get your cook on ^_~

Different Dish Options...

If you don't have the Trifle dish...

Same directions, just do it in what you have.

Want to be creative or unique? Place it in individual mini trifle dishes or bowls.

Picnic? Those red solo party cups are perfect for to-go versions!

Office party? Make the brownie in one of those disposable aluminum pans and make one layer out of it.

Alternatives, substitutes, and additions:

You may substitute sugar free whipped topping and sugar free pudding, for a lighter alternative. Make the pudding with skim milk as well.

You can also substitute regular apple sauce for the oil in the brownies.

Alternatively you can make this with vanilla or butterscotch pudding and blondies instead of brownies. I like white chocolate chips, instead of heath, when I make it blondie style. Heck use both!

Also, add one or more of the following, in layers:

Maraschino Cherries
Any fruit you can think of that goes well with chocolate


Peanut Butter (easiest application is to melt it with a tsp of butter in the microwave, then drizzle it between the layers)

White chocolate chips
trail mix


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