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Super Simple Super Bowl Snacks; Sandwich Pinwheels

Updated on February 3, 2012
Sandwich pinwheels are a great and easy way to feed friends and family on game day.
Sandwich pinwheels are a great and easy way to feed friends and family on game day.


The Pinwheel Sandwich bites are a super simple way to feed your friends and family during Super Sunday and beyond. Kids and adults both love them. They can be made out of a variety of different ingredients to match your taste buds. They can also be made in a variety of ways. We will look at two versions here that can be made in minutes.

Ham & Cheese Pinwheel

For this version you will need some wheat bread, or white depending on your tastes, sliced ham, mayo, and any kind of sliced cheese that you like.

Take the sliced wheat bread and cut the crust of of each slice. Next, take a rolling pin and flatten each piece of bread. Then take the mayo and thinly spread the bread with the dressing. After that step is complete, take one slice of ham and lay it down on top of the mayo and bread. Then, take one slice of cheese and lay that on top.

Next, roll it up tightly. Once, that step is complete, simply slice them to your desired width. Usually, about 1 to 1 1/2 inches per cut is perfect. Lay them on their sides and serve.

Pesto, Cheese, and Turkey Pinwheel

This one is completed exactly as the one above. However, instead of the mayo, you can use pesto. Follow the same steps as above. This version has a little more flavor, but making both is even a better idea.

Other Ideas

Quickly toasting them in the oven is also a great idea. You can take almost any version and stick them in a pan or oven dish, and set them inside the oven till the top is lightly toasted. Make sure you have cut them first before putting them in the oven. The oven can be set at 325. This makes them warm and even tastier.

Another idea for ingredients that work are tomatoes with cheese. This is especially great for vegetarians. If you decide to make this version, make sure to put the cheese on top, not the tomato, so you will have an easier time of rolling them.

Some other dressings, or toppings that can be added can include ranch dressing, Italian dressing, marinara sauce, honey mustard, yellow mustard, or deli mustard. If you have spicier taste buds, hot sauce can be used as well.


These snacks are a quick and easy way to serve your guests a delicious snack. They can be used to help enjoy the game on Super Bowl Sunday. They are also great ideas for snacks for kids. Now, you can enjoy them too!

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