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Super power your soup with this wonder ingredients

Updated on March 6, 2012

Make soups healthier

We all love soups, hot ,sweet, sour and salty. There are few simple tips by which we can turbo charge the health of soup. Here are few simple steps by which we can increase the nutritional content of food.

  1. Add a spoon of oats to your soup - Oats is a known source of dietary fibre which helps in reducing risk factor for cardiac disorders.
  2. Egg white- Egg white is supposed to have zero calories. It is an excellent resource for building up muscles.
  3. Alfa sprouts- Alfa sprouts are rich in Niacin, Vitamin K both necessary for proper brain development
  4. Straw berry- Rich source of Iron necessary to boost up red blood cells production.
  5. A spoon of red wine -Boosts the body immunity
  6. Crushed garlic- A known aphrodisiac
  7. Pomegranates- Reduces the chances of most varieties of carcinomas
  8. Baked Oyster- Increases the amount of male hormone testosterone and protects the body against cancer of testis


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