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Super HubPages recipe of delicious Zur – Polish Cuisine

Updated on August 2, 2011

Zur of my mom ;-)

Zur of my mom ;-)
Zur of my mom ;-)

Polish Żur

I’m glad for that I can present you recipe of really tasty Polish Żur.

On the beginning I want to point one thing: Żur is very delicious, so giant pot will be enough only for 24 hours ;-) I can tell it with all surely that this is so effective!

Ok, let’s go to the point! Prepare the spoons ;-)


Step # 1

Boil 3 liter of water. Add the vegetable additive to the boiling water. I’m using “Kucharek” spice but I’m not except that you will find it in your country, so use your local analogue. I have in mind spice with dried and chopped vegetables with salt.



Step # 2

Shuck some potatoes and chop it into little dices. Add concocted potatoes to the boiling water and left them for 10 minutes.


Meat- unchopped
Meat- unchopped

Step # 3

Take luncheon meat and chop it like potatoes.

Step # 4

Are you ready? Add meat to the pot with the potatoes and boiling water.

Step # 5 (optional)

Do you like garlic? It is good idea to throw some garlic inside. But remember that garlic overdosing can change taste of Żur.


Step # 6

Take a glass of water and flow it into another small pot. Pour some flour inside and mix it by – for example – spoon. Do it until there will be homogenous and even.

It is Even? Fine, so it is time to add big cream. Mix it again. Contents of small potato pour into big pot (with boiling water, potatoes and luncheon meat). Turn of the gas jet.

You can add some parsley if you want ;-) Buon apetite!



3 liter of water

Vegetable spice

Garlic – if you like risk ;-)

luncheon meat 3 kg

20 potatoes (not to big, not to small)


Big cream

Prepare Two pots: one giant (for Żur) and one auxiliary little pot ;-) 


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    • froch profile image

      froch 6 years ago from Tychy

      Lol, You are Polish? Like me ;-) Sk?d jeste?? (pol. Where are you from?)

    • profile image

      rorshak sobchak 6 years ago

      I am polish and I appreciate the write up froch. This looks pretty simple to make and inexpensive. Thanks for the write up. :) Voting up.

    • froch profile image

      froch 6 years ago from Tychy

      It is a mix of dried and rubbed vegetables with something like salt.

      You can buy this spice in following countries:

      - Lithuania

      - Latvia

      - Estonia

      - Russia

      - Belarus

      - Ukraine

      - Slovakia

      - the Czech Republic

      - Kosovo

      - Macedonia

      - the Great Britain

      You can use your local analogue, of course.

    • Beth100 profile image

      Beth100 6 years ago from Canada

      Sounds very tasty! Now, can you describe what Kucherek is? Is it a spice? Maybe how it looks, tastes or how it is sold would help. Thank you for sharing your recipe.