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Sustainable Agriculture | Hobby Farm | and Gardening 3-Point Hitch Carrier and |Compact Tractor Implements |

Updated on February 2, 2012
3-Point Wheeled Implement Carrier acts as a fith wheel.  Use on garden tractors and ATVs
3-Point Wheeled Implement Carrier acts as a fith wheel. Use on garden tractors and ATVs
Garden Row Builder
Garden Row Builder
Combination Garden Package
Combination Garden Package
Three Point Hitch Garden Disc
Three Point Hitch Garden Disc
Middle Buster
Middle Buster
Covington Planter & Cultivator
Covington Planter & Cultivator

Even if you don’t have a 3-point hitch you can still use implements by adding the wheeled implement carrier.

Cottage Craft Works provides American made hobby farm and gardening implements.

Three Point Hitch Wheeled Implement Carrier works on the same principle of a fifth wheel. It is totally independent of the back wheels on a garden tractor or ATV, so the weight of the implement does not overload the pulling vehicle.

A 12 volt operated lift means there is no hydraulics needed and the 2” trailer ball hitch makes it adaptable to many different pulling vehicle options.

This is no toy using ropes and requiring the use of miniature implements. The frame is made of 2-1/2” square tubing and the adjustable 15” pneumatic tires means this implement carrier is built to do heavy duty work and provide a long life services.

The Three Point Hitch Wheeled Implement Carrier is a major break through for the small hobby farmer or gardener who raises large gardens; it is perfect those who don’t own a compact tractor or tractor equipped to handle three point hitch implements.

Having this handy addition will open the door for all types of small implements that would normally require the investment and up keep of a compact utility tractor.

Garden Line Row Builder

If you haven’t discovered the benefits of building up your planting rows, you may not quickly appreciate the three point hitch Garden Line Row Builder. It is ideal for small compact tractors in the 12-30 HP range. It will also work with the implement carrier above. It is a heavy duty implement with a simple design. Two adjustable 14” hillers can be set to quickly make raised mounds for the planting of row crops.

Planting in raised mounds keeps the plants from becoming water logged during heavy rains and provides many of the same benefits of growing in a raised bed.

Three Point Hitch Garden Disc

This is another heavy built implement weighing in at 185 lbs this disc is made to bite into the soil.

Standard implement 16” notched blades are mounted on a 1” square axle with cast iron bearings with grease zerks.

Provides a 40” cutting width with an overall width of 45” allowing excellent coverage behind compact tractors or the wheeled 3-point hitch carrier.

Combination Garden Package

Leave it up to Cottage Craft Works to bring you high quality American products with exceptional value. Who would think of combing so many implements on to one frame?

Now you can save on having to purchase three different 3-point hitch implements by purchasing this Combination Garden Package

This unique concept makes a very popular package. You can select different implements to use on just one common frame.

Implements include a middle buster plow, row builder and cultivator. The attachment to the tool bar is also very simple allowing for easy row spacing, and or change out of the various options to customize to your planting needs.

The Combination Garden Package is ideal for the hobby farm or gardener. Use on compact tractors equipped with 3-point hitch, or use on a garden tractor or ATV using the 3-point wheeled implement carrier.

One Bottom Breaking Plow

The 1-bottom plow is available in two sizes, 12” and 14”. The 175 lb plow is designed for compact tractors in the 14-25 HP range equipped with 3-point hitch or with Wheeled Implement Carrier.

This is also not a toy, just like the big plows the heavy duty points are replaceable and shear bolt protected.

Middle Buster

Ideal 3-point hitch implement for laying out rows, opening furrows, digging potatoes or cutting a trench. This is a one row middle buster with a 12” heavy point.

The Middle Buster Designed for 12-18 Hp compact tractors or with the 3-point wheeled implement carrier.

Covington Planter & Cultivator

Labor and fuel saving implement that plants and fertilizes in one trip. This planter comes standard with five different seed plates for corn, peanuts, peas, etc. as well as 6T, 10T, and 12T sprocket for seed spacing.

Features a vibrator fertilize distributor, adjustable presser wheel and is complete with cultivator frame and opening foot.

Purchase these heavy duty 3-point implements at Cottage Craft Works .Com

Cottage Craft Works is a unique back-to-basics online general store featuring not only hobby farm and gardener equipment tools and products, but all types of products for the home, farm and ranch, kitchen and hunting.


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      harshad2011 6 years ago from India

      I voted it as awesome and up ! Great job. Sustainable Agriculture is need of the hour. Will prefer to follow you on more hubs.